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International Students

Welcome to Career Services at Eastern Illinois University. You have taken an important step in preparing for your career. In addition to the resources listed below, be sure to take advantange of our events and services listed on this website.

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Non F1 Students

International Resources



Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries, Uniworld Business Publications
Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the US, Uniworld Business Publications
Directory of Jobs and Careers Abroad, Vacation Work Publications
The Global Resume and CV Guide, Wiley - John & Sons Ltd
Live and Work in...Series, Vacation Work Publications
Living and Working in...Series, How To Books Ltd
Vault Guide to International Careers, Vault Inc.
Which MBA? A Critical Guide to the World's Best MBAs, Pearson Education
Working Abroad: The Complete Guide to Overseas Employment, Kogan Page



American Immigration Information
Asia search firm for IT, banking and finance
Association of International Educators
Association of International Practical Training (AIPT)
Career Management Services
Career site for English-Japanese bilinguals
Council on International Educational Exchange
Country profiles and job postings
European Business Directory
European Commission
European job mobility portal
European job opportunities
European job opportunities
H1 Visa Jobs
Hobsons Graduate Employment and Training,
IELTS (International English Language Testing System),
International Careers Employment Weekly
International Job Search
International MBA web resources
International Student and Study Abroad resource center
Latin America jobs for MBA students and alumni
Latin America's Professional Network
Monster International
National Society of Hispanic MBAs
UK Graduate Careers website
UK and global vacancies
Uniworld Database
US Citizenship and Immigration Services
WowJobs Canada