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EIU Department of Biological Sciences

2007 Research Posters

Crawford, J., Liu, Z., Nelson, T., Nielsen, C. and C. Bloomquist
Who’s Your Daddy? Molecular Markers for Mating and Kinship Studies in the Beaver (Castor canadensis).

Daniel S.L. and H.L. Drake
From Clostridium thermoaceticum to Moorella thermoacetica: By Viewing the Old, We Learn the New.

Doyle, K., Norman, V.,  Daniel, S.L., and A.H. Fritz
Concentrations and Diversity of Bacteria in the Caribbean Fruit Fly Anastrepha suspensa.

Gaines, K.F.,  Novak, J.M. and G.L. Mills
Is the LCP Superfund Site an Ecological Trap? A Case Study Using the Clapper Rail.

Gross, L.M., Gaines, K.F.,  and S.J. Mullin
Atrazine in agricultural runoff and its impacts on two anuran species in central Illinois.

Jernegan, M., Hustad, V.,Tonsor, M., Jadhav, R.,  Ahrens G. and J. Coons
Soil Characteristics and Microbes Influencing Establishment of Prairie Species.

Jernegan, M.C., McDonnell, A.L., Haley, S.M.  Craven, B.W.,  Cummings, J.A., and J.M. Coons
Development of the Endangered Kankakee Mallow (Iliamna remota, Greene) When Affected By Light Intensity

Mallory J., Stenslik, L.R., Bjornbak, L.., Hagstrom, J. and G.A. Bulla
ChIP Analysis of Hepatic Gene Silencing.

Olds, M.J. and S.J. Mullin
A Levee Runs Through It: Habitat Use by Northern Watersnakes (Nerodia sipedon) in an Aquatic Mosaic.  

Tucker, G.,  Jones, S.A., Edgin, B.  and J. E. Ebinger
Botanical Inventory of Prairie Ridge State Natural Area, Jasper County, Illinois.

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