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EIU Department of Biological Sciences

2005 Research Posters

Brelsfoard, C. L., Fritz, G. N. and Rodriguez, R.
DNA-BASED METHODS FOR IDENTIFYING MALARIA MOSQUITOES: Species-diagnostic Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay for The Identification of Anopheles Vectors of Human Plasmodium spp.

Carlson, J.M., Marjanovic, M. and Lawrence, B.A.
Potential Roles of Urea and Phosphodiesters in Eggs of the Antarctic Naked Dragon Fish (Gymnodraco acuticeps).

Costa, C.J., Martin, K., Weeks, P. and Gatto, C.
Interactions between bacterially expressed cytoplasmic domains of the Na, K-ATPase.

Ellis, J., Reidy, R, Abdalla, A. and Bulla, G.A.
Tissue-specificity of apoptosis in hepatoma-derived cell lines.

Florey, J. and Mullin, S.J.
A survey of anuran breeding activity in Illinois, 1986-1989.

Klueh, S. and Mullin, S.J.
Population Ecology of the Jefferson salamander, Ambystoma jeffersonianum, in Illinois.

Marjanovic, M.,  Lawrence, B.A., Wright, N.C., Costanzo, J.P. and Lee, Jr., R.E.
Possible Role of Phosphodiesters in Cold Tolerance.

Newbury, R. and Nelson, T.
Seasonal home ranges, habitat use and fractal dimensions of raccoon movement pathways.

Oakley, H. and Bulla, G.A.
Fixation optimization of hepatoma cells for combined β-gal and GFP expression analysis.

Paudel, R, Fritz, G.N. and Rodriguez, R.
The distribution and ecology of larval malarial mosquitoes in Chapare Valley, Bolivia.

Tulloss, E. M. and Meiners, S. J.
Edge-mediated succession and drought response in a plant community.

Walston, L.J. and Mullin, S.J.
Resilience of a Pond-Breeding Amphibian Community Following the Mitigation of Introduced Fish.

Yurkonis, K.A. and Meiners, S.J.
Community response to variation in rainfall in a successional system.


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