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All students in social science teaching have two homes: their disciplinary department (Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology-Anthropology) and the social science teaching program. Students are advised within their disciplinary department by specialists in their major field: Dr. Jim Davis (jadavis2@eiu.edu), Geography; Mr. John Morris (jsmorris@eiu.edu), Political Science; Dr. Bill Addison (weaddison@eiu.edu), Psychology; and Dr. Vernon Woodley (vawoodley@eiu.edu), Sociology. All social science teaching majors are also welcome to meet with Dr. Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz, coordinator of social science teaching.

Below are major checksheets, four year plans, and a number of other resources that majors will find useful. IMPORTANT NOTE: The History with Teacher Licensure major was just revised, and similar revisions to the SOS concentrations will be put into place in fall 2016, so make sure to check your catalog year. SOS students are encouraged to check with advisors and Dr. Laughlin-Schultz prior to registering for classes.

STEP BY STEP GUIDE for the Major

Checklist for Social Science Teaching Majors

Guide to Secondary Education Course Sequencing (updated fall 2016)

Degree Checksheets

Sample Four Year Plans

You will get the most out of advising if you carefully review all the degree information on this website. Before you meet with your advisor it would also be good to review your degree checksheet and your own personal degree audit. You can run a degree audit in PAWS.  Log into PAWS and then click on STUDENT and RECORDS. Then, click DEGREE AUDIT REPORTING SYSTEM. Click RUN AUDIT on the right side of the screen, and then click on the link VIEW AUDIT. You should then see a blue clickable link with your major and option listed.