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All teacher education students must receive Departmental Approval to Student Teach before they can be placed to student teach, and you will submit a portfolio as part of this process.

Complete DAP Instructions (pdf)

Departmental Approval Information

History majors with Teacher Certification and Social Science majors are granted Departmental Approval to Student Teach by the Teacher Education Committee for History and Social Science.

Grade Point Average:

History majors w/social science certification and Social Science majors in all designations must have not less than a 2.75 cumulative grade point average and a 3.0 major grade point average to receive Departmental Approval. You must also have earned at least a "C" in all History and Social Science courses.

Professional Education Courses:

You must have earned a "C" or higher in each course in the professional education core courses taught in the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Passing Score on Content Area Test:

While you may be granted conditional Departmental Approval prior to passing the appropriate Illinois Certification Testing System Content Area Test, you must have taken and passed the test before final Departmental Approval is granted. Only then will student teaching approval and placement be finalized.

Submission of a Portfolio:

You will submit a portfolio during the course of SOS 3400. Directions for the portfolio can be found here.

Attendance at Professional Development Events:

On the resume submitted with your portfolio, please indicate the two professional developments that you have attended. Students enrolled in SOS 3400 typically attend a PD event in Bloomington-Normal, and all teacher licensure students are invited to attend our fall event. For information about the fall conference, click here.

Membership in Professional Organizations:

Belonging to professional organizations has several advantages. Membership shows you have an interest in knowing about developments in your professional field. Membership gives you an opportunity to participate—to have a voice—in history and social science education. It also, in most cases, provides some kind of a publication from which you can learn what is taking place in social science education by practicing professionals. As part of your portfolio resume, you must demonstrate professional involvement through membership in one or more of the following organizations (or another equivalent organization of your choice):