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Chemistry Tutoring Schedule

The Chemistry department sponsors a peer tutoring service staffed by advanced undergraduate chemistry majors for the following courses:

  • World of Chemistry, CHM 1040G

  • General Chemistry I and II Lecture and Lab (CHM 1310G, 1315G, 1390G, 1395G, 1410, and 1415)

  • Survey of Organic Chemistry Lecture and Lab (CHM 2430 and 2435)

  • Organic Chemistry I Lecture and Lab (CHM 2440 and 2445)


FALL 2015

Tutoring for the above classes will begin Tuesday, September 1st, according to the following schedule: 

Day Time Subject

5-7 pm

General and Organic Chemistry 

Wednesday 6-7 pm

General and Organic Chemistry


7-8 pm

General Chemistry and World of Chemistry

Thursday 6-7 pm

General Chemistry and World of Chemistry

 Thursday 7-8 pm 

General and Organic Chemistry 

Tutoring will take place in room 4125 of the Physical Science building.  Tutoring is free and tutors are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Private tutors for FALL 2015

The chemistry department maintains a list of private tutors.  Please stop by the chemistry office, PHYS 3150, or call the office, 581-3322 for more information.