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Faculty Research Interests

Jonathan P. Blitz  Professor: PhD Colorado State University, 1987

Analytical ChemistryExperimental studies of materials useful for adsorption of various compounds. Experimental and computational modelling of adsorption and surface modification reactions.

Hongshan He  Assistant Professor: PhD Sun Yat-Sen University, 1996

Inorganic ChemistryOrganic and inorganic materials for photovoltaics; near-infrared emitting materials for biosensing; ordered inorganic nanostructures; density functional theory calculation; crystallography; photocatalysts for water splitting, porphyrin chemistry.

Douglas G. Klarup  Professor: PhD University of California-Berkeley, 1986

Environmental ChemistryTrace level analysis and the study of reactions and processes relevant to chemical contaminant migration and site remediation.

Mary E. Konkle (S, F)  Assistant Professor: PhD Vanderbilt University 2008

BioChemistryUsing and evolving enzymes from bacteria to address environmental contamination (both water and soil) by petroleum products and other organic waste.

Barbara A. Lawrence Professor: PhD University of California-Irvine, 1990

Physical ChemistryUse of NMR spectroscopy to study biological systems: protein structure in spider silks and phosphorus metabolites in freeze-tolerant animals.

Mark E. McGuire  Professor: PhD University of Rochester, 1985

Inorganic ChemistryThe design and use of biomimetic catalysts (molecules that mimic enzyme behavior) to carry out "green" oxidation reactions using atmospheric oxygen.

Svetlana M. Mitrovski  Associate Professor: PhD University of Illinois, 2006

Analytical ChemistryUse of electrochemical reactions in the operation of functional microfluidic devices for materials synthesis and processing as well as chemical and biological applications. 

Rebecca A. Peebles  Associate Professor: PhD University of Michigan, 2000

Physical Chemistry: High resolution vibrational and rotational spectroscopy and visible emission spectroscopy of environmentally relevant species; investigation of molecular interactions of possible atmospheric significance. 

Sean A. Peebles  Professor: PhD University of Exeter, 1995

Physical ChemistryStudy of the structure, properties, and dynamics of molecules and van der Waals species by Fourier-transform microwave spectroscopy; ionic and radical species; calculation of molecular properties using computational chemistry.

Gopal R. Periyannan  Associate Professor: PhD Miami University (Ohio), 2004

Biochemistry:Microbial polysaccharide metabolism for the identification of enzymes and renewable materials by proteomics and metabolomics techniques; Zn-metalloenzymes; role of metalloproteases in diseases; spectroscopic characterization of metalloenzymes; bioinorganic chemistry.

Radu F. Semeniuc  Associate Professor: PhD University of South Carolina, 2004

Inorganic ChemistrySupramolecular self-assembly of organic and inorganic modules into functional solids; synthesis and characterization of mechanically interlocked molecules, Metal-Organic-Rotaxane-Frameworks (MORF's).

Daniel J. Sheeran  Associate Professor: PhD University of Kansas, 1985

Chemical Education: Development of activities, experiments, and methods which enhance and improve the teaching/learning of (introductory) chemistry.

Edward M. Treadwell  Associate Professor: PhD University of Iowa, 2001

Organic ChemistrySynthesis of organic materials; new methodology for organic synthesis via phosphonates; natural products isolation and chemistry.

Kraig A. Wheeler  Professor: PhD Brandeis University, 1992

Organic Chemistry Molecular shape directed supramolecular assemblies; analysis of electrostatic contacts in competitive crystal environments; structure-property relationships; X-ray crystallography.

Zhiqing Yan  Associate Professor: PhD Miami University (Ohio), 2004

Organic ChemistryOrganic synthesis of Basket shaped molecular containers based on Resorcin[4]arene and calix[4]arene; Synthesis of Tweezers shaped organic molecules. Molecular recognition studies upon the synthesized molecular hosts.