Group Counseling




Group Counseling is an experience that will last a lifetime. Enjoy a safe environment to say what’s on your mind and learn new ways to manage life’s struggle.  In group you:

  • Are not alone.
  • Experience acceptance and belonging.
  • Express how you feel.
  • Help others.

Confidentiality in Group Counseling

Group sessions are confidential. Every member of each therapy group at the Counseling Center is required to sign an agreement to adhere to the rules of confidentiality. In signing this agreement, group members make a personal pledge that nothing occurring in the group, including names of other group members, will be shared with anyone outside of the group. These rules are critical to the development of a safe, respectful, and trusting atmosphere which allows individuals to openly share their feelings. 

Our Groups


The purpose of this group is for…. WAIT, WAS THAT A SQUIRREL?!  Oh, anyway, students with ADD/ADHD are an interesting and highly intelligent group with a little problem of being organized. Or of time management. Or of listening to others without really understanding what they've said. Or of perfectionism, procrastination, motivation or low self-esteem.But they are generally funny, and uniquely creative, and interested in lots of things. In fact, it’s that they have TOO MUCH attention, not really a "deficit". The group is designed to share the issues, concerns, problems, and positives of living with ADD/ADHD.We also would like to help you embrace your special talents…. DID YOU SEE THAT, IT WAS SO SPARKLY!... The group will be both for support and to provide education and direction on skills building.

Adult Children of Substance Abusing Families

Growing up in a family where there were problems with substance use can provide some unique challenges in our adult life. This group will help teach the effects this family system had on our development as children, and how it has affected our lives as an adult. The group will teach how to cope with ongoing interactions with this same family system and other skills that can improve our interpersonal relationships.


Anxiety can become overwhelming and interfere with one’s quality of life. This group is designed to aid students in developing healthy coping skills to combat anxiety and improve overall wellness and a healthier lifestyle. The group will provide a comfortable, encouraging environment for personal growth. The application of learned anxiety reducers such as guided imagery, self-talk, preventative strategies and motivational tools will be utilized.

Building Healthy Communication within Relationships

Building healthy communication within relationships is a key to experiencing meaningful and rewarding relationships. This group is designed to provide students with a safe place to explore and to build self-awareness, to receive support and peer feedback, and to have the opportunity to practice, in vivo, with other students who are experiencing similar difficulties.

Disordered Eating

Recovery from an eating disorder often involves group support. These groups provide each member the opportunity to understand the importance of interpersonal relationships and how eating disorders affect them. Through encouragement, feedback, and support, members will learn how to develop a healthier body image and learn healthy eating styles.

Emotional Management

This group is for students who struggle with strong emotions and want to learn how to cope in healthy ways when upset, angry, sad, or lonely. Members will have opportunities to learn how to make appropriate choices for themselves while getting their needs met.

General Therapy

The purpose of this group is to help students who are struggling in any area of their lives and would like to work on improving themselves through the interactive nature of group. This group provides an opportunity to share and receive feedback about personal struggles with peers.


For many, the death of a loved one can be a traumatic event that may impact many areas of our lives and can leave us not knowing how to feel or when and where to talk about it. In this group we will discuss information about the process of bereavement and common experiences associated with death and dying. The group will provide a supportive environment to discuss loss, how we have been impacted, and encourage healing.

Mood Management 

A group designed to help develop knowledge and skills to address problems with mood such as mood swings, depressed mood, or moods that seem to be causing distress or interfere with your overall wellness.  The group will help you learn how to manage those untimely and unwanted moods that have been causing your problems.

Women’s Empowerment Group

Women’s group is constructed as a process group for women only in a safe, confidential, casual and inviting environment.  The WEG meet on a weekly basis, Fridays 1-1:45 pm at the EIU Counseling Center.  It is the goal of the group to be accepting of one another and welcoming to women who are struggling with reduced self-esteem and awareness, interpersonal relationship concerns, independence struggles, and gender specific issues.  Members move toward increasing empowerment in their own lives and develop empowered relationships during the group time with one another to build healthy and supportive working relationships.


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If you feel you could be helped by participating in a group, please call the Counseling Center (581-3413), or stop by our office in the Human Services Building, to arrange an appointment.