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Season - 2010's Production Director SetCostume Light
March 2015 The MousetrapAndrews, MarnieShaw, N.Eisenhour, K.Wolski, D.
April 2015 The Good Person of SetzuanRoss, ZackaryGadomski, C.Eisenhour, K.Wolski, D.
February 2014 MacbethWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.Wolski, D.
April 2014 'Night, MotherSapp, R.Munoz, G.Eisenhour, K.Payne, A.
April 2014 Beanie and the Bamboozling Book MachinePassig, J.Gadomski, C.Eisenhour, K.Wolski, D.
September 2014 Lonely PlanetDoolen, K.Shaw, N.Yarbrough, M.Lyons, A.
November 2014 Carnival!Wolski, JeanWolski, DavidEisenhour, KarenWolski, David
February 2013 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling BeeLeTraunik, B.Shaw, N.Eisenhour, K.Wolski, D.
February 2013 FlorencePassig, J.Gadomski, C.Eisenhour, K.
February 2013 DutchmanPassig, J.Gadomski, C.Eisenhour, K.
April 2013 Cloud 9Buob, M. & Swanson, A.McCain, R. & Richardson, W.Adorno, G.McCain, R. & Richardson, W.
September 2013 I Don't Have to Show You No Stinking Badges!Mitchell, C.Gadomski, C.Eishenhour, K.Wolski, D.
October 2013 Little Shop of HorrorsWolski, J.Shaw, N.Eisenhour, K.Wolski, D.
November 2013 An Evening of Tennessee Williams One-Acts- The Pink BedroomStinde, B.Richardson, W.Shields, H.Vickers, J.
November 2013 An Evening of Tennessee Williams One-Acts- The Long GoodbyeBuob, M.Richardson, W.Scavone, A.Vickers, J.
November 2013 An Evening of Tennessee Williams One-Acts- These are the Stairs You Got to WatchGuss, R.Richardson, W.Shields, H.Vickers, J.
February 2012 I Love You, You're Perfect, Now ChangeWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
March 2012 An Evening of Student Directed One-Acts: Blind DateMartin, P.Manhart, M.Buob, M.
March 2012 An Evening of Student Directed One-Acts: The Fourth WallAnderson, J.Manhart, M.Adorno, G.
April 2012 Wiley and the Hairy ManRenda, RoccoWolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
September 2012 Strindberg Cafe':Mother Love/The StrongerMitchell, C.Shaw, N.Ball-Saret, J.
October 2012 Almost, MainePassig, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
November 2012 A Christmas CarolWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
March 2011 Tartuffe, or The HypocriteMitchell, C.Shaw, N.Eisenhour, K.
April 2011 Noises OffTangeman, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
October 2011 VolponeMitchell, C.Shaw, N.Eisenhour, K.
December 2011 The Shape of ThingsTangeman, J.Shaw, N.Eisenhour, K.
March 2010 Fiddler on the RoofDoler, TralenShaw, N.Eisenhour, K.
April 2010 IncorruptibleOertling, J.T.Wolski, D.Caitlyn, C.
October 2010 Urinetown, The MusicalTangeman, J.Shaw, N.Eisenhour, K.
November 2010 TranslationsWolski, JWolski, DWaggoner, Elyse
December 2010 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Sorry, Wrong NumberFoster, JacobManhart, MollyAdorno, Gianni
December 2010 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: 27 Wagons Full of CottonCorbett, AshleyManhart, MollySchagemann-Jones, Payge / Cress, Amanda
December 2010 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The InformerHanson, ShellyManhart, MollySchagemann-Jones, Payge / Cress, Amanda
Season - 2000's Production Director SetCostume Light
February 2009 Brighton BeachEisenhour, J.Shaw, N.Eisenhour, K.
April 2009 The Princess and the PeaOertling, J.T.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
April 2009 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Cowboys and IndiansAguilera, RichCast & CrewCast & Crew
April 2009 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: God of HellMurphy, BaileyCast & CrewCast & Crew
October 2009 Step on a CrackWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
November 2009 The TempestKincaid, B.Shaw, N.Eisenhour, K.
December 2009 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Laundry & BourbonWiggs, AubreyCast & CrewCast & Crew
December 2009 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The Spotted ManHoldefer, JenCast & CrewCast & Crew
December 2009 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The Love CourseBlue, KaylaCast & CrewCast & Crew
February 2008 Nasty SOB'sEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
April 2008 The True Story of the Three Little PigsOertling, J.T.Moeggenborg, A.Eisenhour, K.
October 2008 Arsenic and Old LaceBlanchette, C.Blanchette, C.Ball, J.
November 2008 MedeaWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
December 2008 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Bend and BreakPowers, LizzyCast & CrewCast & Crew
December 2008 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The Good DoctorThompson, KristenCast & CrewCast & Crew
February 2007 Only an Orphan GirlMitchell, C.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
April 2007 Frog PrinceOertling, J.T.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
April 2007 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Bald SopranoJones, G.Jones, G.Jones, G.
April 2007 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: For Whom the Southern Belle TollsMaher, C.Maher, C.Maher, C.
June 2007 Aesop's FablesOertling, J.T.Oertling, J.T.Oertling,J.T.
October 2007 As You Like ItWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
November 2007 EleemosynaryOertling, J.T.Oertling, J.T.Eisenhour, K.
November 2007 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Murderest Mystery of Them AllMurphy, B.Moeggenborg, A.Vayner, F.
November 2007 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Cast SpellCarter, A.Moeggenborg, A.Vayner, F.
March 2006 MenaechmiEisenhour, J.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
April 2006 AladdinOertling, J.T.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
June 2006 Livin' de LifeOertling, J.T.BlanchetteJoe Allison
October 2006 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the ForumWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
November 2006 Birthday PartyBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
December 2006 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: 'dentity CrisisPodraza, S.Podraza, S.Podraza, S.
December 2006 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: HaikuHawley, K.Hawley, K.Hawley, K.
December 2006 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Take-FiveLeasure, S.Leasure, S.Leasure, S.
February 2005 What I Did Last SummerEisenhour, J.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
March 2005 Gross IndecencyBlanchetteBlanchetteYarbrough, M.
April 2005 She Stoops to ConquerWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
October 2005 Cole!Wolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
November 2005 Little FoxesBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
December 2005 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: American CenturyRenda, R.Zerbst, M.Hawley, K.
December 2005 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: A Dead Man's ApartmentVogt, C., R.Zerbst, M.Hawley, K.
December 2005 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: FaithTieri, M.Zerbst, M.Hawley, K.
February 2004 The Glass MenagerieEisenhour, J.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
March 2004 The Arkansas BearMiller, S.Miller, S.
April 2004 A Midsummer Night's DreamWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
September 2004 EverymanOertling, J.T.Wolski, D.Yarbrough, M.
October 2004 The FantasticksWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
November 2004 All My SonsBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
December 2004 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Bringing It All Back HomeMcLain, C.Stone, M.Renda, R.
February 2003 A Doll's HouseBlanchetteHam, P.Joern, C.
March 2003 Rapunzel and The WitchWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
April 2003 The Imaginary InvalidEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
October 2003 Five Women Wearing the Same DressBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
November 2003 Philadelphia, Here I Come!Wolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
December 2003 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Fool for LoveGerdes, L.Stone, M.Passig, J.
February 2002 Master Harold and the BoysBlanchetteBlanchetteJoern, C.
March 2002 The MandrakeWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
April 2002 The Reluctant DragonEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
November 2002 Waiting for GodotBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
December 2002 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Androcles and the LionMiller, S.Ham, P.Lipinski, T.
December 2002 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The Actor's NightmareEnglish, J.Ham, P.Lipinski, T.
February 2001 LysistrataEisenhour, J.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
March 2001 No ExitBlanchetteBlanchetteJoern, C.
April 2001 The Jack TalesOertling, J.T.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
April 2001 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Unfinished WomenMarfia, L.Reczek, M.Lipinski, T.
April 2001 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Hold on HortenseWatt, J.Watt, J.Lipinski, T.
September 2001 Spoon River AnthologyEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Joern, C.
October 2001 Two By TwoWolski, J.BlanchetteJoern, C.
November 2001 CandidaBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
December 2001 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The InvestigationPhilips, J.Ham, P.Lipinski, T.
December 2001 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The Importance of Being EarnestDonovan, D.Ham, P.Lipinski, T.
December 2001 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Spreading the NewsPepsnik, J.Ham, P.Lipinski, T.
February 2000 Moon Over BuffaloEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
March 2000 Steel MagnoliasBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
April 2000 The Legend of Sleepy HollowWolski, J.BlanchetteJoern, C.
April 2000 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The SandboxWarren, M.Phillips, J.Friefeld, K.C.
April 2000 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The American DreamPapaleo, M.Phillips, J.Friefeld, K.C.
June 2000 You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's RunningBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
July 2000 Snow White and the Seven DwarfsOertling, J.T.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
October 2000 Our TownOertling, J.T.BlanchetteJoern, C.
November 2000 A Moon for the MisbegottenBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
December 2000 You're A Good Man, Charlie BrownWolski, J.Wolski, D.Joern, C.
Season - 1990's Production Director SetCostume Light
February 1999 ExtremitiesCoker, N.Brooks, R.Joern, C.
March 1999 Three Knockdown, Hilarious Farces By (No Kidding) Anton ChekhovJorns, D.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
April 1999 Thirteen Bells of BoglewoodWolski, J.Wolski, D.Yarbrough, M.
July 1999 The Butler Did ItBlanchetteBrooks, R.Eisenhour, K.
September 1999 Summer and SmokeBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
October 1999 The Dining RoomOertling, J.T.Wolski, D.Joern, C.
December 1999 A Country Christmas CarolWolski, J.Wolski, D.Joern, C.
February 1998 Madam TinubuCoker, N.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
March 1998 Three Women EmbracingBlanchetteBlanchetteYarbrough, M.
April 1998 Hansel & GretelEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
June 1998 6 RMS RIV VUBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
July 1998 PinocchioSlovinski, K.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
August 1998 Pinocchio - RevivalSlovinski, K.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
August 1998 6 RMS RIV VU - RevivalBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
October 1998 Ollie Holland's BirthdayBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
October 1998 Collision CourseGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteJoern, C.
November 1998 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Against the GrainWalker, V.Smith, N./Gadomski, C.Gunzel, F.
November 1998 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The ChairsMuldowney, J.Smith, N./Gadomski, C.Prince, H.
December 1998 Twelfth NightWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
February 1997 What Rough Beast SlouchesBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
March 1997 Slow Dance On The Killing GroundGuidotti, E.T.Wolski, D.Yarbrough, M.
March 1997 On the Verge: Fax TraxBlanchetteBlanchette
March 1997 On the Verge: The Last PicnicBlanchetteBlanchette
April 1997 Wiley and the Hairy ManWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
June 1997 The Compleat Works of Wilm Shkspr (abridged)BlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
July 1997 Sinbad the Kabuki SailorGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
August 1997 Sinbad the Kabuki Sailor - RevivalBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
August 1997 The Compleat Works of Wilm Shkspr (abridged) - RevivalBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
September 1997 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: FunSlovinski, K.Gadomski, C.Wood, E.
September 1997 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: SganarelleHam, C.Gadomski, C.Zorn, J.
October 1997 A Raisin in the SunCoker, N.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
October 1997 The Heidi ChroniclesBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
December 1997 BrigadoonWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
February 1996 Dirty Work At The CrossroadsEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Malm, K.
March 1996 The Rimers of EldritchBlanchetteBlanchetteYarbrough, M.
April 1996 The Emperor's New ClothesGuidotti, E.T.Wolski, D.Malm, K.
Summer 1996 Puss In BootsBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K.
July 1996 The Arkansaw BearGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteMalm, K.
September 1996 The Arkansaw Bear - RevivalGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteMalm, K.
September 1996 Puss In Boots - RevivalBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K.
October 1996 FashionBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K. (Malm)
November 1996 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: United States - The InterviewGray, C.Carmody, S.Corrington, J.
November 1996 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Theodora: She-Bitch of ByzantiumHarper, K.Carmody, S.Ligeski, K.
December 1996 A Christmas CarolEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
February 1995 The ForeignerEisenhour, J.BlanchetteMalm, K.
March 1995 Don Juan In HellDuehmig, M.BlanchetteMalm, K.
March 1995 Dancing At LughnasaGuidotti, E.T.Wolski, D.Duehmig, M.
April 1995 PinocchioBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K.
July 1995 Dames at SeaGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteMalm, K.
August 1995 NunsenseBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K. / Smith, J.
August 1995 TintypesEisenhour, J.Pierson, J.Malm, K.
August 1995 Goldilocks & The Three BearsPomeroy, C.Vrona, C.Kashanitz, B.
September 1995 NunsenseBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K. / Smith, J.
October 1995 And They Dance Real Slow In JacksonBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K.
October 1995 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The Mad Dog BluesPugh, B.Pomeroy, C.Ligeski, K.
October 1995 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: As IsPomeroy, C.Pugh, B.Ligeski, K.
December 1995 A Christmas CarolWolski, J.Wolski, D.Malm, K.
Spring 1994 Love LettersBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
March 1994 Marat/SadeGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
April 1994 Beauty and the BeastDuehmig, M.Wolski, D.Yarbrough, M.
April 1994 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Sexual Perversity in ChicagoCope, S.Carmody, S.Sherwood, A.
April 1994 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: A Slight AcheGowgill, G.Carmody, S.Sherwood, A.
April 1994 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Fool for LoveGent, J.Carmody, S.Sherwood, A.
April 1994 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Funeral GamesRourke, J.Carmody, S.Sherwood, A.
June 1994 Kiss Me, KateGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteGilbert, J.
June 1994 I Do! I Do!BlanchetteBlanchetteNovotny, L.
June 1994 Man of La ManchaEisenhour, J.BlanchetteGilbert, J.
July 1994 Snow WhiteMcNeill, J.Eisenhour, S.Moore, E. / Bailey, N.
September 1994 I Do! I Do!BlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
October 1994 The Bourgeois GentlemanBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K.
November 1994 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Women and WallacePomeroy, C.Kasper, D.Bailey, N.
November 1994 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Feeding the MoonfishSvehla, J.Kasper, D.Bailey, N.
December 1994 A Christmas CarolDuehmig, M.Wolski, D.Malm, K.
February 1993 The Boys In The BandBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
March 1993 Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean...Duehmig, M.BlanchetteYarbrough, M.
April 1993 The Princess and the PeaEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Sherwood, A.
June 1993 Love LettersWolski, D.&J.Wolski, D.Wolksi, J.
June 1993 RumorsGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
July 1993 Sleeping BeautyDuehmig, M.Friedman, M.Sherwood, A.
July 1993 Broadway BoundBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
September 1993 Broadway BoundBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
September 1993 RumorsGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
October 1993 Haver's Holler, W.V.BlanchetteBlanchetteSherwood, A.
December 1993 A Christmas CarolEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Yarbrough, M.
February 1992 The Comedy of ErrorsEisenhour, J.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
March 1992 Burn ThisDuehmig, M.Wolski, D.Smith, J.
April 1992 The Wizard of OzDuehmig, M.Wolski, D.Smith, J.
April 1992 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Vampire Lesbians of SodomCarmody, S.Heitz, R.Andrews, J.
April 1992 An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Psycho Beach PartyWiemerslage, P.Heitz, R.Andrews, J.
Summer 1992 God's FavoriteDuehmig, M.BlanchetteSmith, J.
Summer 1992 Story TheatreSain, J.Sain, J.Smith, J.
Summer 1992 Barefoot in the ParkGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteSmith, J.
Summer 1992 Brighton Beach MemoirsBlanchetteBlanchetteSmith, J.
September 1992 Barefoot in the ParkGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
October 1992 Brighton Beach MemoirsBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
October 1992 The Effect of Gamma Rays...Eisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Sherwood, A.
November 1992 AntigoneGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
February 1991 The Birthday PartyEisenhour, J.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
March 1991 The Real Queen of Hearts Ain't Even PrettyBlanchetteBlanchetteCarmody, S.
April 1991 Cinderella: The Stepmother's VersionDuehmig, M.Carmody, S.Andrews, J.
June 1991 The MousetrapEisenhour, J.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
June 1991 The Velveteen RabbitDuehmig, M.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
July 1991 The Miss Firecracker ContestBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
July 1991 Stop The World, I Want To Get OffGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
September 1991 Stop The World, I Want To Get OffGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
October 1991 In White AmericaBlanchetteBlanchetteYarbrough, M.
November 1991 'Night, MotherAndrews, J.Wolski, D.Schenk, A.
February 1990 Nicholas NicklebySullivanMolashDuehmig
Spring 1990 Rapunzel/Princess & The GargoyleDuehmig, J.Barnett, K.
March 1990 GhostsSmithBarnettSmallwood
April 1990 Alice in WonderlandGuidottiMolashDuehmig
June 1990 The Odd Couple (Female Version)BlanchetteMolash, D. Andrews, J.
June 1990 The Prince & The PauperDuehmig, M.BlanchetteDenton, G.
July 1990 Cole!Eisenhour, J.Molash, D. Duehmig, M.
October 1990 The Secret Affairs of Mildred WildEisenhour, J.BlanchetteSmallwood, D. Duehig, M.
November 1990 Viet RockGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteBurke, M.
November 1990 RapunzelSain, J.
Yarbrough, M.
November 1990 The Emperor JonesBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
Season - 1980's Production Director SetCostume Light
Spring 1989 The Glass MenagerieBlanchetteBlanchetteConrad
Spring 1989 Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well...GuidottiBlanchetteConrad
Summer 1989 The DrunkardEisenhourBlanchetteConrad
Fall 1989 Once Upon A MattressEisenhourBlanchetteDuehmig
Fall 1989 Once More Unto The BreachBlanchetteSmithSmith
Fall 1989 Long Day's Journey Into NightBlanchetteMolashDuehmig
Spring 1988 Fifth of JulyAllenO'BrienSmith
Spring 1988 The Importance of Being EarnestEisenhourBlanchetteConrad
Summer 1988 A Funny Thing HappenedAllenBlanchetteConrad
Fall 1988 Arsenic and LaceBlanchetteSmithConrad
Fall 1988 The Tragical History of Doctor FaustusEisenhourBlanchetteConrad
Spring 1987 The Good DoctorPauleKeeSmith
Spring 1987 The Skin of Our TeethBlanchetteBlanchetteConrad
Fall 1987 E/RSullivanBlanchetteConrad
Fall 1987 Philadelphia, Here I Come!BlanchetteKeeConrad
Spring 1986 Kennedy's ChildrenGwisdallaSchererClayberg
Spring 1986 TartuffeEisenhourBlanchetteRogers
Summer 1986 Some Enchanted EveningSullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1986 Merton of the MoviesEisenhourBlanchettePaule
Fall 1986 Hedda GablerAllenBlanchettePaule
Spring 1985 Bay City Lights...Gwisdalla
Spring 1985 Much Ado About NothingEisenhour
Summer 1985 Little Mary SunshineSullivanBlanchettePaule/Salamone
Fall 1985 Waltz of the ToreadorsBlanchetteSchererRogers
Fall 1985 ...And Miss Reardon Drinks A LittleSlottBlanchetteRogers
Spring 1984 Tracy's TigerGwisdallaWebbScott
Spring 1984 A Puccini Double BillDanielsHawkToberman
Spring 1984 Dark of the MoonSullivanBlanchettePaule
Summer 1984 WorkingGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1984 The Diary of Anne FrankBlanchetteBlanchettePaule
Fall 1984 Our TownSullivan
Spring 1983 Ice and DesireHenderson/GwisdallaHighlandHerrity
Spring 1983 The MikadoSullivanBlanchettePaule
Summer 1983 PippinGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1983 You Can't Take It With YouSullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1983 GoodGabbardBlanchettePaule
Spring 1982 Cat's CradleSilvermanReedLupo
Spring 1982 Seduced - Pre-Kennedy Center PerformanceGabbardBlanchettePaule
Spring 1982 Romeo & JulietGabbardSalamonePaule
Summer 1982 GodspellGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1982 GodspellGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1982 Count DraculaSullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1982 The Doctor In Spite of HimselfGabbardBlanchettePaule
Spring 1981 Reasons of StateSilvermanReedRighter
Spring 1981 The Pirates of PenzanceSullivanBlanchettePaule
Spring 1981 After the FallGabbardBlanchettePaule
Summer 1981 GreaseSullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1981 Oklahoma!SullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1981 SeducedGabbardBlanchettePaule
Spring 1980 U.S.A.ShehornBaucumWoosley
Spring 1980 HairGabbardPhillipsWentworth
Spring 1980 Spoon River AnthologySullivanPhillipsWentworth
Summer 1980 Only An Orphan GirlSilvermanMatthewsRighter
Summer 1980 Same Time, Next YearGabbard
Summer 1980 CompanyShehornSalamoneHughes
Fall 1980 CandidaGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1980 A Miracle of Rare DeviceShehornFooteAdams
Fall 1980 A Christmas CarolSullivanBlanchettePaule
Season - 1970's Production Director SetCostume Light
Spring 1979 The Royal FamilySullivanBlanchettePaule
Spring 1979 Sometimes a Great NotionSilvermanMorrissGober
Spring 1979 The Shadow BoxGabbardHeidemanPaule
Summer 1979 The Apple TreeSullivanBlanchettePaule
Summer 1979 Once Upon A MattressGabbardNeuzilPaule
Fall 1979 LysistrataSilvermanDabneyNeuzil
Fall 1979 The SeaSullivanPhillipsWentworth
Fall 1979 The Taming of the ShrewGabbardPhillipsWentworth
Spring 1978 One-Hundred Years of SolitudeSilvermanSilvermanSparlin
Spring 1978 The Man Who Came To DinnerSullivanBlanchettePaule
Spring 1978 EquusGabbardMorrissPaule
Summer 1978 Scapino!SullivanBlanchettePaule
Summer 1978 You're A Good Man, Charlie BrownGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1978 Under MilkwoodShehornPierson/TilfordSaltmarsh
Fall 1978 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?GabbardWarnickPaule
Fall 1978 I Remember MamaSullivanBlanchetteBielong
Spring 1977 Mad About The Boy: Noel CowardShehornSainSaltmarsh
Spring 1977 Tom PaineGabbardBlanchettePaule
Spring 1977 H.M.S. PinaforeSullivanBlanchettePaule
Spring 1977 A Midsummer Night's DreamSullivanBlanchettePaule
Summer 1977 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the ForumGabbardBlanchettePaule
Summer 1977 Guys and DollsSullivanJohnsonPaule
Fall 1977 A Man For All SeasonsSullivanSwitzerPaule
Fall 1977 GoslingsGabbardPaule
Spring 1976 What I Want In A Husband...Shehorn
Spring 1976 1776SullivanBlanchettePaule
Spring 1976 Death of a SalesmanGabbardBlanchettePaule
Summer 1976 CandideGabbardBlanchettePaule
Summer 1976 George M!SullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1976 A Thurber CarnivalShehornShehorn
Fall 1976 Tom PaineGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1976 A Christmas CarolSullivanBlanchettePaule
Spring 1975 The Imaginary InvalidSullivanBlanchetteRogers
Spring 1975 Dracula: SabbatRiceDoddRussel
Spring 1975 The BirthdayGabbardBlanchetteRogers
Summer 1975 GodspellGabbardBlanchetteShehorn
Summer 1975 CarouselSullivanBlanchetteShehorn
Fall 1975 American PrimitiveRangJohnson
Fall 1975 Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are DeadGabbardBlanchetteRussel
Fall 1975 Summer and SmokeSullivanBlanchetteRussel
Spring 1974 The LarkSullivanBlanchetteKeough
Spring 1974 Canterbury TalesGabbardBlanchetteKeough
Spring 1974 She Stoops to ConquerRangLustigBeatty
Summer 1974 Bye Bye BirdieGabbardBlanchetteKeough
Summer 1974 Annie Get Your GunSullivanSmithKeough
Fall 1974 Alice in WonderlandRangShadley
Fall 1974 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestSullivanBlanchetteKeough
Fall 1974 The BacchaeGabbardCastBoyll
Spring 1973 HerstoryMannakeeCastCast
Spring 1973 Fiddler on the RoofGabbardBielbyKeough
Summer 1973The Family Show: The ProposalRangBlanchetteKeough
Summer 1973The Family Show: Crawling ArnoldRangBlanchetteKeough
Summer 1973The Family Show: A United FamilyRangBlanchetteKeough
Summer 1973 A Company of Wayward SaintsSullivanBlanchetteKeough
Summer 1973 The Effect of Gamma Rays...GabbardBlanchetteKeough
Summer 1973 The Family Show: The ProposalRangBlanchette, C.Keough
Summer 1973 The Family Show: Crawling ArnoldRangBlanchette, C.Keough
Summer 1973 A United FamilyRangBlanchetteKeough
Fall 1973 Images in EbonyRang
Fall 1973 Twelfth NightSullivanBlanchetteKeough
Winter 1972-73 Scrapbook Number 1Rang
Winter 1972-73 The CrucibleSullivanBielbyKeough
Spring 1972 The MiserSullivanMeltzerKeough
Spring 1972 The Rimers Of EldritchMannakeeMannakeeYarbrough
Summer 1972 Come Blow Your HornMannakeeKeoughKeough
Summer 1972 The Night Thoreau Spent In JailSullivanKeoughKeough
Summer 1972 You Can't Take It With YouRangKeoughKeough
Fall 1972 Adaptation/LoversGabbardBielbyKeough
Fall 1972 John Brown's BodyRangBielbyKeough
Winter 1971-72 Heartbreak HouseRang
Winter 1971-72 You're A Good Man, Charlie BrownGabbardMeltzerKeough
Spring 1971 The Sound of MusicGabbardWestYarbrough
Summer 1971 Storytime '71GabbardEnsemble
Summer 1971 Tom JonesSullivanWestNavolt
Summer 1971 The Death & Life of Sneaky FitchRangFluckNavolt
Fall 1971 Magic FoodMannakeeEnsembleJones
Fall 1971 The Front PageSullivanMeltzerKeough
Winter 1970-71 Henry VSullivanWestYarbrough
Winter 1970-71 The Hollow CrownRangWestYarbrough
Spring 1970 An Enemy of the PeopleGabbardMcBrideMcBride
Summer 1970 Little Mary SunshineSullivanFileRogers
Summer 1970 LysistrataRangAdkinsRogers
Summer 1970 The Threepenny OperaGabbardAllmanRogers
Fall 1970 The SerpentGabbardWestEnsemble
Fall 1970 An Evening of D.H. LawrenceMannakeeFluckStevens
Season - 1960's Production Director SetCostume Light
Winter 1969-70 Telemachus ClayRangFilePrescott
January 1969-70 MacbethSullivanMcBrideMcBride
Spring 1969 The Little FoxesLinkPisoniKoertge
Summer 1969 Halfway Up The TreeGabbardPisoniKoertge
Summer 1969 Our TownSullivanPisoniKoertge
Summer 1969 Martian ChroniclesMannakeePisoniKoertge
Fall 1969 SummerTreeGabbardMcBrideMcBride
Fall 1969 The StrangerMannakeeMcBride
Winter 1968-69 U.S.A.FreemanPisoniKoertge
Winter 1968-69 Marat/SadeGabbardPisoniKoertge
Spring 1968 Cosi Fan TuttleGabbardPisoniKoertge
Summer 1968 The Apollo of Bellac/Virtuous IslandOlon-ScrymegourPisoniKoertge
Summer 1968 Androcles and the LionGabbardPisoniKoertge
Summer 1968 OrestesConawayPisoniKoertge
Fall 1968 The FantasticksGabbardPisoniKoertge
Fall 1968 Chaucer's Troilus and CriseydeFreemanPisoniKoertge
Winter 1967-68 Feiffer!!!ConawayPisoniKoertge
Winter 1967-68 Spoon River AnthologyGabbardPisoniKoertge
Spring 1967 BrigadoonGabbardVagenasKoertge
Summer 1967 Orpheus DescendingSickengerPisoniKoertge
Summer 1967 Dark of the MoonGabbardPisoniKoertge
Summer 1967 In ViolenceSchneiderPisoniKoertge
Fall 1967 Under MilkwoodConawayPisoniKoertge
Fall 1967 LUVGabbardPisoniKoertge
Winter 1966-67 After the FallGabbardVagenasKoertge
Winter 1966-67 In White AmericaSchneider
Spring 1966 James and the Giant PeachSchneider
Spring 1966 Tiny AliceGabbardBielenbergSmith
Summer 1966 Pop! A HappeningSchneider
Summer 1966 A View From The BridgeGabbardKasardaSmith
Summer 1966 Lady Precious StreamKemodleKasardaSmith
Fall 1966 Waiting For GodotGabbardVagenasKoertge
Fall 1966 As You Like ItSchneider
Winter 1965-66 Look Homeward, AngelGabbardBielenbergSmith
Winter 1965-66 OthelloSchneider
Spring 1965 My Fair LadyGabbardBielenbergSmith
Summer 1965 The Beautiful PeopleGabbardBielenbergSmith
Summer 1965 Plenty of 6 to 5Schneider
Summer 1965 The Good Woman of SetzuanGamerBielenbergSmith
Fall 1965 The FirebugsGabbardBielenbergSmith
Fall 1965 Bridge of San Luis ReySchneider
Winter 1964-65 Oh Dad, Poor Dad....GabbardBielenbergSmith
Winter 1964-65 I DiarySchneider
Spring 1964 Teahouse of the August MoonGabbardBielenbergSmith
Spring 1964 The Merchant of VeniceSchneider
Summer 1964 The Man Who Came To DinnerGabbardBielenbergSmith
Summer 1964 The Devil You SaySchneider
Summer 1964 The VisitGabbardBielenbergSmith
Fall 1964 Take Her, She's MineGabbardBielenbergSmith
Fall 1964 A Child Is ManGabbard / Schneider
Winter 1963-64 Purlie VictoriusGabbardBielenbergSmith
Winter 1963-64 A Shamrock and a ShillelaghSchneider
Spring 1963 TartuffeGabbardRoneySmith
Spring 1963 RebeccaSchneider
Summer 1963 Bus StopGabbardRoneySmith
Summer 1963 A Thurber CarnivalGabbardRoneySmith
Summer 1963 The CrucibleGabbardRoneySarver/ Smith
Fall 1963 A Streetcar Named DesireGabbardBielenbergSmith
Fall 1963 The Importance of Being ErnestSchneider
Winter 1962-63 A Raisin In The SunGabbardRoneySmith
Winter 1962-63 Midsummer Night's DreamSchneider
Spring 1962 Angel StreetGabbardRoney
Summer 1962 Arms And The ManGabbardRoney
Summer 1962 Male vs. FemaleSchneider
Summer 1962 Six Characters in Search of An Author GabbardRoney
Fall 1962 The Girls in 509GabbardRoney
Fall 1962 Yankee Yarns and Ring Tail RoarersSchneider
Winter 1961-62 R.U.R.GabbardRoney
Spring 1961 Civil War ObservanceGabbardBielenberg
Summer 1961 See How They RunGabbardBielenberg
Summer 1961 Time of Your LifeGabbardBielenberg
Summer 1961 All My SonsGabbardBielenberg
Fall 1961 The Male AnimalGabbardRoney
Winter 1960-61 The Skin of Our TeethGabbardBielenberg
Spring 1960 Inherit The WindGabbardBielenberg
Summer 1960 Mrs. McThingGabbardBielenberg
Summer 1960 PicnicGabbardBielenberg
Summer 1960 The Little FoxesGabbardBielenberg
Fall 1960 The Gang's All HereGabbardBielenberg
Season - 1950's Production Director SetCostume Light
Winter 1959-60 Born YesterdayGabbardBielenberg
Summer 1959 Puss in BootsZimmermanZimmerman
Summer 1959 The Adding MachineHerstandGabbard
Summer 1959 Deep Are The RootsGabbardGabbard
Fall 1959 AntigoneGabbardBielenberg
Fall 1959 The Old Maid And The ThiefGabbardBielenberg
Winter 1958-59 The Emperor's New ClothesGabbardHerstand
Spring 1958 Tea & SympathyHerstandGabbard
Summer 1958 Major BarbaraHerstandGabbard
Fall 1958 Our BrothersGabbardHerstand
Winter 1957-58 The MiserGabbardHerstand
Spring 1957 CandidaGabbardGabbard
Summer 1957 The Happy TimeScullyWayneKinsall/Meadows
Fall 1957 The RainmakerGabbardHerstand
Winter 1956-57 Cradle SongGabbardGabbard
Spring 1956 Death of A SalesmanGabbardGabbard
Summer 1956 The Night of January 16thGabbardGabbard
Fall 1956 The Tender TrapGabbardTrank
Spring 1955 The CrucibleGabbardGabbard
Summer 1955 Our TownGabbardGabbard
Fall 1955 Time Out For GingerGabbardTrankGabbard
Fall 1954 Abies's Irish RoseGabbardGabbard
Winter 1953-54 The Barretts of Wimpole StreetBloom
Fall 1953 Love Rides The RailsBloom
Winter 1952-53 Madwoman of ChaillotBloom
Spring 1952 Dark of the MoonGabbardFranklin
Fall 1952 Charley's AuntBloom
Spring 1951 You Can't Take It With YouGabbardGabbard
Fall 1951 FashionGabbardBarclay
Winter 1950-51 The Towneley PlayGabbardGabbard
Fall 1950 The HeiressGabbardGabbard
Fall 1950 Goodbye, My FancyGabbardGabbard
Season - 1940's Production Director SetCostume Light
Winter 1949-50 Nativity
Winter 1949-50 The Doctor In Spite of HimselfGabbardGabbard
Spring 1949 The Glass MenagerieGabbard
Fall 1949 Arsenic and Old LaceGabbardTrankGabbard
Winter 1948-49 CarmenGabbardGabbard
Spring 1948 Three Cornered Moon
Summer 1948One Acts: The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden
Summer 1948One Acts: The Rising of the Moon
Summer 1948One Acts: If Men Played Cards As Women Do
Fall 1948 Blithe SpiritGabbard
Winter 1947-48 Night Must FallGabbardGabbard
Fall 1947-48 Dear RuthGabbardGabbard