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Season - 1980'sProductionDirectorSetCostumeLight
Spring 1980U.S.A.ShehornBaucumWoosley
Spring 1980HairGabbardPhillipsWentworth
Spring 1980Spoon River AnthologySullivanPhillipsWentworth
Summer 1980Only An Orphan GirlSilvermanMatthewsRighter
Summer 1980Same Time, Next YearGabbard
Summer 1980CompanyShehornSalamoneHughes
Fall 1980CandidaGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1980A Miracle of Rare DeviceShehornFooteAdams
Fall 1980A Christmas CarolSullivanBlanchettePaule
Spring 1981Reasons of StateSilvermanReedRighter
Spring 1981The Pirates of PenzanceSullivanBlanchettePaule
Spring 1981After the FallGabbardBlanchettePaule
Summer 1981GreaseSullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1981Oklahoma!SullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1981SeducedGabbardBlanchettePaule
Spring 1982Cat's CradleSilvermanReedLupo
Spring 1982Seduced - Pre-Kennedy Center PerformanceGabbardBlanchettePaule
Spring 1982Romeo & JulietGabbardSalamonePaule
Summer 1982GodspellGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1982GodspellGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1982Count DraculaSullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1982The Doctor In Spite of HimselfGabbardBlanchettePaule
Spring 1983Ice and DesireHenderson/GwisdallaHighlandHerrity
Spring 1983The MikadoSullivanBlanchettePaule
Summer 1983PippinGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1983You Can't Take It With YouSullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1983GoodGabbardBlanchettePaule
Spring 1984Tracy's TigerGwisdallaWebbScott
Spring 1984A Puccini Double BillDanielsHawkToberman
Spring 1984Dark of the MoonSullivanBlanchettePaule
Summer 1984WorkingGabbardBlanchettePaule
Fall 1984The Diary of Anne FrankBlanchetteBlanchettePaule
Fall 1984Our TownSullivan
Spring 1985Bay City Lights...Gwisdalla
Spring 1985Much Ado About NothingEisenhour
Summer 1985Little Mary SunshineSullivanBlanchettePaule/Salamone
Fall 1985Waltz of the ToreadorsBlanchetteSchererRogers
Fall 1985...And Miss Reardon Drinks A LittleSlottBlanchetteRogers
Spring 1986Kennedy's ChildrenGwisdallaSchererClayberg
Spring 1986TartuffeEisenhourBlanchetteRogers
Summer 1986Some Enchanted EveningSullivanBlanchettePaule
Fall 1986Merton of the MoviesEisenhourBlanchettePaule
Fall 1986Hedda GablerAllenBlanchettePaule
Spring 1987The Good DoctorPauleKeeSmith
Spring 1987The Skin of Our TeethBlanchetteBlanchetteConrad
Fall 1987E/RSullivanBlanchetteConrad
Fall 1987Philadelphia, Here I Come!BlanchetteKeeConrad
Spring 1988Fifth of JulyAllenO'BrienSmith
Spring 1988The Importance of Being EarnestEisenhourBlanchetteConrad
Summer 1988A Funny Thing HappenedAllenBlanchetteConrad
Fall 1988Arsenic and LaceBlanchetteSmithConrad
Fall 1988The Tragical History of Doctor FaustusEisenhourBlanchetteConrad
Spring 1989The Glass MenagerieBlanchetteBlanchetteConrad
Spring 1989Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well...GuidottiBlanchetteConrad
Summer 1989The DrunkardEisenhourBlanchetteConrad
Fall 1989Once Upon A MattressEisenhourBlanchetteDuehmig
Fall 1989Once More Unto The BreachBlanchetteSmithSmith
Fall 1989Long Day's Journey Into NightBlanchetteMolashDuehmig