Student Success Center Overview



The Eastern Illinois University Student Success Center's mission is to provide comprehensive programs and holistic services designed to empower students and to connect them with the resources needed to achieve both academic and personal goals.

2015-2016 Goals:

  1. Provide individual learning strategy instruction, ongoing support and referral services for students seeking to improve their learning skills.
  2. Develop, support and help implement University-wide learning initiatives, especially in the areas involving retention, at-risk student populations and students on warning.
  3. Conduct outreach efforts to enhance the learning environment, including student workshops, classroom visits, presentations in University housing, staff information sessions.
  4. Teach EIU 1111:University Foundations.
  5. Provide and maintain a virtual presence through the website and other technology with links to tutoring and other student support services.
  6. Collaborate with other university offices and events.
  7. Serve on university committees that promote student success and retention.
  8. Engage in professional development activities.
  9. Oversee the Reinstated Student Program and the Summer Institute for Higher Learning

Coalition of Support Services

The Coalition of Support Services meets regularly throughout the year to coordinate campus services. Current membership includes:

Dr. Karla Sanders, Ms. Cindy Boyer, Ms. Janet Carpenter, Ms. Sandy Cox, Mr. Norm Isacson, Dr. Fern Kory, Dr. Cheryl Noll, Dr. Karla Sanders, Ms. Cindy Tozer, Dr. Andrew Methven, Ms. Jackie Collins, Ms. Kathryn Waggoner, Mr. Jody Stone, Ms. Jocelyn Tipton, Ms. Roberta Kingery, and Mr. Brian Gorman.

SSC Building Updates

Construction of the new facility was complete in May, 2009.  Click here for images.

To view the SSC AY15 report click here.

Report on the Ninth Year of the Reinstated Student Program