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What is Athletic Training?

Certified Athletic trainers provide care under the direction of a physician in a variety of settings to physically active individuals with muscle-skeletal injuries. Certified Athletic Trainers exhibit a mastery of skills and knowledge within 6 domains.

  • What are the (6) Athletic Training Domains?
  • Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • Recognition, Evaluation, Assessment
  • Immediate Care
  • Treatment, Rehabilitation, Reconditioning
  • Organization and Administration
  • Professional Development and Responsibility

What coursework will I be required to take?

As with any health care profession, EIU athletic training students are expected to excel in the classroom. Eastern's Accredited Athletic Training Education Program requires instruction in:

  • Athletic Training Practicum
  • Basic Care and Prevention of Injuries
  • Athletic Training as a Profession
  • Medical Terminology
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Therapeutic Modalities
  • Lower Extremity Injury Recognition
  • Upper Extremity Injury Recognition
  • Seminar in Sports Medicine
  • Fitness for Life
  • Biomechanics
  • Sports Psychology
  • Nutrition for Physical Performance
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Human Physiology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Pharmacology
  • General Medical
  • Human Health
  • Physical Fitness Appraisal
  • Exercise Program Design
  • Measurement and Evaluation

EIU Athletic Training Board of Certification Pass Rate

  2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 3 Year Aggregate
Number of students graduating from program 2 12 13 27
Number of students graduating who took the examination 2 12 6 20
Number of students who passed the examination on the first attempt 2 8 6 14
Percentage of students who passed the examination on the first attempt 100.00 66.67 100.00 70.00
Number of students who passed regardless of the number attempts 2 12 6 20
Percentage of students who passed regardless of the number of attempts 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00


How can I become admitted into Eastern's ATEP?

  • Professional GPA (3.0 minimum)
  • Cumulative GPA (2.75 minimum)
  • Enrollment as a Kinesiology and Sports Studies Major
  • Completion of Basic Athletic Training Skill Requirements
  • Minimum of 65 observation hours under a Licensed EIU Certified Athletic Trainer

What are the student costs involved?

Potential costs associated with the program include but not limited to the following:

  1. Tape Fee for KSS 2135 = $10.00
  2. Tape Fee for KSS 2136 = $20.00
  3. Kits & Scissors (if choose to purchase) = $65.00
  4. Polos, Khaki Shorts, Khaki Pants, Outdoor Wear (will vary for each student)
  5. CPR & First Aid Certification Cards = $4.00
  6. Semester Dues for Membership in the Student AT Club = $13.00/semester
  7. Professional Liability Insurance for Off-Campus Clinical Experience = $35.00 
  8. Lodging, Meals, Registration for Professional Development Opportunities (will vary for each student – students not required to participate)
  9. Application/Registration for BOC Examination ($335.00)


Students are not required to purchase kits or scissors. Professional development opportunities are highly suggested but students are not required to participate.

How do I find more out about the ATEP at Eastern Illinois University?

You can call:
Lee Ann Price ATEP Director
(217) 581-7615
Email: lprice@eiu.edu