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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible to join?
A. Any adult who is at least 21 years of age and who does not have a history of cardiac or pulmonary problems. If you have other major medical conditions that could make exercise a high risk, you may be ineligible to join.

Q. Will I have a personal trainer?
A. Graduate students, under the supervision of EIU faculty, will work with you to create a fitness routine to help you meet your goals. They will help you get started and check on your progress regularly.

Q. Can I change my time/location preference?
A. Yes - members can participate in any part of the program. Members 50 years old or older must have a note from a physician if wanting to jog/run or swim laps.

Q. Where do I park?
A. You can park in any EIU lot prior to 7 a.m. without receiving a ticket. If you plan to be here over the lunch hour, you will need to obtain a parking pass from an Adult Fitness Program staff member.

Q. How do I schedule an appointment to start the program?
A. Contact the Adult Fitness Program office at 217-581-7579 to schedule a screening appointment.

Q. How long does a screening take?
A. Allow at least one hour for the screening. Please bring a list of medications you are currently taking and a check made out to Eastern Illinois University.