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Our commitment

The Department of Journalism is committed to excellence in teaching, in professional and creative activity, and in service to journalism and public relations.

The department will promote excellence in learning by encouraging students to become skillful communicators, critical thinkers, knowledgeable media consumers and users, and ethical leaders capable of understanding and protecting the democratic process. An enriched professional environment will encourage students to gain the experience and skills essential to life-long learning.

The faculty will assure excellence in teaching that reflects the diverse heritage that enriches a free and democratic society and prepares students for an ever-changing media landscape. The faculty will educate students to understand the role of journalistic media in a multicultural, diverse and ever- changing national and international communications environment.

The faculty will promote quality integrative learning and undergraduate research experiences for students.

The faculty will demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning through continuing scholarly, creative and professional activities.

The faculty will demonstrate excellence in service through a commitment: (1) to develop a media-literate society through cultural and educational enrichment for journalism consumers, educators and students in Illinois, for Eastern students and for journalism majors, (2) to broaden the practice and understanding of the communication of public information so crucial to the preservation of a free and democratic society, (3) to provide opportunities for continuing intellectual development for journalism and public relations professionals, and (4) to contribute to department, college and university committees, activities, programs and service.

The Department of Journalism will provide education that is (1) durable enough to weather changes in the careers of our alumni, (2) flexible and broad enough to span the time and space of their lives and careers, (3) responsive to the changes in the discipline, and (4) practical and successful in teaching students how to communicate knowledgeably, critically, ethically and effectively.