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Humanities Interdisciplinary Courses


In Fall 2013, we offered our first Humanities course, HIC2000g Introduction to the Humanities: Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving, taught by Dr. Janet Marquardt (professor of Art History) and Dr. CC Wharram (professor of English).


The introductory course proposal can be seen here.

Dr. Jeannie Ludlow (professor of English and coordinator of the Women's Studies Program) and Dr. Jon Coit (professor of History) are currently teaching our first senior seminar, EIU4114g Culture Matters. The senior seminar is open to all majors.

The senior seminar course proposal can be seen here.


Faculty members interested in teaching one of these interdisciplinary/integrative humanities course, either individually or as a team, can click here for the application. Review and approval will be handled through the CTH curriculum subcommittee.

Undergraduate courses with the HIC prefix will serve to fulfill requirements for the humanities portion of the General Education curriculum.

The senior seminar may not be taken by a student in the same department/major as the instructor. Otherwise it is open to all majors.