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Administrative Committees of the Center for the Humanities 2016-2017


Steering Committee:

Chair: CC Wharram, Director

Melissa Caldwell, Speakers Chair

Stefan Eckert, Curriculum Chair

Charles Foy, Development Liaison

Rehema Barber, Tarble Arts Center Director  

Vacant, Digital Humanities Chair         


Subcommittees 2016-2017: 


Speakers Series

Chair: Melissa Caldwell, English 

Stephen King, Communications Studies

Brian Mann, History

Dana Ringuette, English

Vacant Seat

ex-officio:  Dan Crews, College of Arts and Humanities    



Chair: Stefan Eckert, Music

Melissa Ames, English

Nora Pat Small, History   

Marita Gronvoll, Communications    

ex-officio: Christopher Mitchell, Associate Dean - College of Arts and Humanities


Development Liaison

Charles Foy, History


Digital Humanities Initiative

Chair: Vacant

Steve Brantley, Head of Reference Services - Booth Library

Jay Grabiec, CATS Web Specialist

Newton Key, History

Suzie Park, English

CC Wharram, Humanities Center Director