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The Department of History offers the Masters of Arts degree with concentrations in European, American, and Modern World history. Students may choose the thesis or non-thesis track to complete their M.A. degree. The history department also maintains an M.A. program in Historical Administration.

As our alumni page testifies, the M.A. program is flexible enough to meet a number of career objectives. Full-time students seeking a terminal master's degree, for example, can complete the program in one calendar year (two semesters plus summer coursework).

Alternatively, students seeking in-depth preparation for a Ph.D. program usually extend their full-time study into the second year. This is particularly advisable for students on thesis track.

The program gives students wide latitude in developing their course of study. The department offers a diverse array of courses ranging from thematic seminars on social, cultural and women's history to more 'traditional' subjects such as the Enlightenment, the American Revolution, Modern Latin America, and the US Civil War.

A centerpiece of the program is a required course, Historiography, that introduces students to the methodologies and theoretical frameworks that historians employ. Normally taken in the student's first semester of study, Historiography serves as the foundation for subsequent course work, independent research and/or thesis preparation.