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Department of Geology/Geography

The Department of Geology/Geography is dedicated to providing students an exceptional Integrative Learning experience in the geosciences. With outstanding laboratories, equipment, and first rate professors and instructors, students graduate with a firm foundation that leads them to rewarding career opportunities or post-graduate degrees.

New Laboratory Enhances Student Understanding of Environmental Processes

The Department of Geology/Geography’s research and educational facilities for the study of surficial processes and the lab’s aesthetics have been significantly improved. Students and faculty members are encouraged to use these departmental resources!  Learn more...

Faculty Mentor Takes Student to Work with EIU Graduate

Students learn more about their art/science by experiencing it in a new, exciting, and different environment. EIU geographer and broadcast meteorology mentor, Cameron Craig, believes in providing students with experiences that takes students to the next level of professionalism. This is just one example of the opportunities the Department of Geology/Geography provides students.

While many of Craig's students attend the National Weather Association Conference in the fall to network and have their broadcasts critiqued by professionals, there are a few that are unable to attend in order to "hold the fort" at WEIU's NewsWatch. Craig wants to extend those students an alternate opportunity to travel and work with previous WEIU NewsWatch Forecasters.

Senior geography major, Braden Harp of Robinson, Illinois, is the first of a series of students that Craig will host to work with former EIU graduates employed at commercial television stations across the United States. Harp will work with 2010 EIU graduate, Kevin Jeanes, currently chief meteorologist at KOLD-TV in Tucson, Arizona this January. The two will work side by side during a four day trip to learn the specific aspects of being a broadcast meteorologist in a commercial environment. "The more students can experience the field through previous EIU students, the more prepared students will be for the path towards a prosperous career," states Craig.

In a period of budget crisis at the university, Craig uses any available resource to help fund student travel. In this particular situation, Craig used a companion ticket he acquired through a personal frequent flier program to help the department out with travel funds as well as give students a chance to see the world.

The trip to Tucson is Harp's first time flying and his first time traveling to the western part of the United States demonstrating to future EIU students that EIU provides exceptional educational experiences. Craig says, "Having former broadcast meteorology students spread across the United States gives additional opportunities to travel and develop professionalism for current and future EIU students."

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Learn about how the department provides exception educational opportunities through Integrative Learning.  Read more...

Why Choose EIU for Geology/Geography?

We believe in everything our program has to offer, but let's narrow it down to a few key reasons you should check us out.

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