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As a student within the Geology/Geography program, you are probably eligible for a number of program-specific scholarships at Eastern Illinois University. Using this simple search engine, we can provide you with a list of these awards and more information about each scholarship's application requirements.

46 scholarships match your exact criteria.

2015 Distinguished Graduate Student
Annie L. Weller Scholarship
Annie L. Weller Scholarship In Geography
Balsaar & Ruth Bubeck Scholarship
Brian & Trina Myerscough- Chad Pfeffinger Outstanding Sigma Pi Service Award
Carol Specht Memorial Scholarship
Charles L. and Kathryn Joley and Family Deans Scholarship in Education
COS Advisory Board Endowed Fund Sch
COS Student Advisory Board Student Assist. Award
Dewey Amos Geology Earth Science Scholarship
Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois (DFI) Fellowship
Dr. Barbara L. Hill Memorial Sch
Dr. John Guckert Memorial Award
Education Scholars Award
EIU University Professionals of Illinois Graduate Annual Scholarship
EIU4 Scholarship
Errett & Mazie Warner Award in Geology/Geography
Frances Meyer Hampton Graduate Scholarship
Frank McCormick Phi Beta Kappa Study Abroad Scholarship
Geography Alumni Award
Geology Alumni Award
Gerardo J. Solis Latino/Latina Scholarship
Grace Markwell Meier Scholarship in Geography
Hamand Society of Graduate Scholars
John George Wozencraft, Jr. Memorial Award
Jon & Diana Giffin Geologist Sch
Kate Booker Stapp Scholarship
King-Mertz Research/Creative Activity Awards
King-Mertz Research/Creative Activity College Award of Excellence
L. Joyce Taylor Student Teaching Sch
Lewis T. White Memorial Scholarship
Mary Coon Cottingham Sch
Mrs. Pratima Niranjan Shah Scholarship
Richard L. Wise - Lester B. Stoner Scholarship in Geography
Robert F. Glover Student Govt. Sch
Robert G. Buzzard Memorial Scholarship in Geography
Ruby M. Harris Scholarship
Scholars in Undergraduate Research at Eastern (SURE Awards)
SL Nanda Math & Science Scholarship
The EIU College Thesis Award of Excellence
The Eunice Dougherty Scholarship
The Graduate School Research/Creative Activity Grants
Troyt York Memorial Scholarship In Geography & Earth Science
Vincent P. & Pamela R. Gutowski Scholarship
Walter H. and Dorothea V. McDonald Scholarship
Williams Travel Grants