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Work Control Repair Request

Our work control is here during the day from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Emergency service requests are generally related to: safety, security, and/or the potential for major damage.

Individuals may call 581-3416 or 581-2119 to speak to someone regarding an emergency during business hours, or to reach our After Hours in the event of an emergency when regular personnel are not on campus.

Non-emergency request may be sent to email address eiumaint@eiu.edu
Please be sure to include your:

Phone number
Room/Office number
Description of your problem


The following shops have evening and/or weekend shifts:

Carpenter Shop: 2 pm-10 pm Mon-Fri
Electricians: 2 pm-10 pm Mon-Fri
Environmental Control: 2 pm-10 pm Mon-Fri. & 7 am-3 pm Sat & Sun


Who do I call for insect/animal complaints?
We work with the Housing BSW Dept. or you can contact them directly at 581-7071.

I need to put in a request for an event? Who do I call?
1. You will need to contact Campus Scheduling at 581-2819 to ensure that an Unusual or Extraordinary Form is filled out. This form is required to be filled out and signed off by department heads at least 72 hours prior to the event.

2. You need to contact Work Control to make sure items such as tables, chairs, garbage cans and electrical needs are met.

3. You may need to speak to Dan Deeken, Environmental Health & Safety regarding the number of tables and chairs being approved for your event.

What is the difference between Maintenance or Renovations?
To determine whether your project is an R&A or a Maintenance project, please consider the following. Any new construction, additions and alterations to a room, or on campus is considered Renovations/Alterations. An example would be to construct walls within one large room to make smaller rooms or removing walls from an existing room to make it larger; or changing a standard classroom to a computer lab, which would require multiple LAN drops, wireless and/or additional electrical needs etc.

If your department has purchased new equipment, and it requires a different power supply and/or different ventilation, plumbing needs; then the utilities to support this equipment would be considered an alteration to the room, and would therefore be an R&A project. However if you were replacing existing equipment with pieces that can be hooked up to the existing building infrastructure, then those items could be done by maintenance workers. But, if the new equipment cannot be switched out item for item, and some changes need to be made to the room to accommodate the new equipment, those changes would be considered alterations to the room, and would then qualify as an R&A project.

Any alterations to the infrastructure of Eastern would be considered an R&A project.

Repairs in existing rooms, furniture, fixtures, etc. would be Maintenance. However, painting is different. Eastern does not currently have a painting cycle, due to the limited number of painters that are supported by appropriated funds. Painting, if requested, becomes an R&A project. Painting that is part of a maintenance repair issue would not be R&A, but that type of painting would be limited to the area affected by the repairs and not a total repainting of the room, unless the maintenance was extensive.

Carpet is maintained by FPM through vacuuming and cleaning, but is not replaced. There are no funds available, through Facilities, to purchase carpeting for campus. Therefore, new carpeting is a responsibility of the individual departments. Renovation’s has many books of carpet samples that can be chosen from. You can check out any of these sample books to compare carpeting with your furniture, wall colors, etc. For help in determining your needs and whether they are R&A or maintenance please call FPM, and we will be happy to discuss your proposals with you.