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Building Service Workers (BSW)

Building Services is responsible for custodial services for all academic and administrative buildings and other areas of campus, including changing of fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. These areas are serviced by varying work shifts that range throughout the day. Restrooms and public areas have the highest cleaning priority.

Though buildings outside doors and lecture rooms are normally unlocked by the Building Service Workers (BSW’s), work shifts will not cover all openings and lockups.  The University Police Department, can be contacted when no building service personnel are available.

Requests for specialized cleaning, or other custodial projects above the established frequencies are considered special custodial services and should be directed through the Work Control Department. Emergency clean up or reports of special needs should be reported to the BSW supervisor through the Work Control Department.

Comments on service are welcomed and considered an essential part of growth and improvement. To contact Building Services email or call Travis Magee at (217) 581-7577 or Patty Murphy at (217) 581-5921.