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Note Taker Accommodation Procedures

  • Students who have note taking accommodations will need to pick up No Carbon Required (NCR) paper from the Office of Student Disability Services (OSDS) to give to their instructors.
  • In each class, the instructor should ask for a volunteer note taker. A backup note taker should be available in the event that the note taker is absent.
  • The volunteer takes notes on the NCR paper and gives the instructor a copy.
  • The instructor gives the copy to the student with this accommodation.
  • Although passing notes to the student should be handled confidentially, this may not always be the case.
  • Students sometimes prefer to secure their own note taker. They may ask a friend in the class, or find someone who is taking thorough notes.
  • Instructors may be asked occasionally to check the quality of the notes.
  • The note taker should not be asked to change the way he or she takes notes.
  • Students are not entitled (with very few exceptions) to notes when they are absent.
  • When the note taker is low on NCR paper, the student should come to OSDS to pick up more.
  • Students should return any unused NCR paper to OSDS at the end of the semester.
  • Instructors should contact OSDS if they need suggestions for obtaining a note taker.