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Accommodation Letter Procedures

  • Current students must come into the office to pick up a new letter every semester either before or during the first week of classes.
  • Teachers must be given a minimum of one week to prepare for testing accommodations.
  • Letters are printed in the Office of Student Disability Services (OSDS) as students request them. Students may call ahead to have them ready only if they plan to pick them up that day.
  • Students are given an original printed copy for their records and one copy for each of their instructors.
  • Students must meet with instructors during office hours to discuss accommodations; if they have a time conflict, they must make an appointment to meet with the instructor at a different time. DO NOT JUST HAND THEM YOUR LETTER.
  • Students should complete the chart entitled “Accommodation Arrangements by Class" and keep it for their records. Chart in .docx format  Chart in .pdf format
  • If a student has followed the above steps and is not being accommodated, they need to contact OSDS right away.
  • If students are experiencing difficulty and would like to have additional accommodations considered, they should contact OSDS.
  • Students should let OSDS know if they have issues or concerns as they happen. This can help prevent more difficult issues from occurring.
  • Students with interim accommodations (you will be told if you have interim accommodations) receive a letter with an INTERIM stamp on it. These are only good for one semester while you are getting documentation for OSDS.