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     Careers in Dietetics

    The undergraduate program in dietetics provides the knowledge and skills needed for participation in a Dietetic Internship and is the first step toward becoming a Registered Dietitian.

                    Career Titles              

    Clinical Dietitian

    Community Nutritionist

    Consultant Dietitian

    Corporate Wellness Program Director

    Director of Nutrition Services

    Director of Patient & Community Education

    Education Materials Writer

    Food Consultant Specialist

    Food Reporter/Editor

    Food Service Director

    Health Care Specialist

    Diabetes Educator

    Menu Planner

    Nutrition Support Dietitian

    Food Product Developer

    Product Marketing Specialist

    Product Specialists

    Quality Assurance Manager

    Renal Dietitian

    Research Scientist

    School Lunch Program Director

    Sports Nutrition Specialist

    Teaching Dietitian

    Wellness Coordinator