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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are available within the department, as well as campus-wide. Students in the Counseling and Student Development Department are employed in a variety of departments across campus. A sample of departments that have hired Counseling and Student Development students, outside of the CSD department, are as follows:

  • Dean's Office, College of Educational and Professional Studies
  • Department of Educational Leadership
  • The Graduate School
  • Health Education & Resource Center
  • International Programs Office

The following list contains assistantships that are available in different departments at EIU. Please note that the non-academic positions may vary from year to year.

Information from the Graduate School on Graduate Assistantships

List of Graduate Assistantship Positions Available Campus-Wide

List of departments where current CSD students have graduate assistantships

Click here to apply for a graduate assistantship.

NOTE: It will be helpful to secure a graduate assistantship position before admission to our department. While interviewing for a position, inform the interviewer that you are in the process of applying to the Counseling and Student Development Department for graduate school. If you wait until later to apply many positions may be taken and there will be less of a chance to obtain a GA position.

Department of Counseling and Student Development: Graduate Assistantship Guidelines

  • GAs will work 18 hours per week
  • GAs will begin work the first week of school and work until the end of EIU's finals week
  • GAs will submit their scheduled hours to the Department Chair as well as the faculty members they are working for by the first day of classes.
  • GAs should not have outside employment.
  • GAs are not expected to work during Thanksgiving Break or other school holidays.
  • Stipend payments occur on the last working day of the month, beginning the last day of September and ending in May (9 total).
  • GAs may be required to help facilitate a course.
  • GAs assisting with Pre-Practicum should arrange for themselves or their Pre-Practicum faculty member to be in the office during all IPRs.
  • First year GAs will be required to fill out another GA application at the end of the year in order to be considered for re-hiring.
  • Each GA will be issued keys to the building and office suite by the Department secretary. They will need to be returned at the end of the GA's employment.

Meet the 2014-2015 CSD Graduate Assistants!