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Communication Disorders and Sciences faculty
  • Faculty are available, friendly and helpful in facilitating students' career goals.
  • Faculty members are actively engaged in practicing their profession through teaching, supervision, service on professional committees, attendance at conferences, and mentoring research.
  • Dedicated Faculty have clinical expertise. All faculty members teach courses, advise, and supervise in clinic.  Their first priority is teaching YOU!

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Mrs. Trina M Becker

Mrs. Trina M Becker

Associate Professor

Office: 2310 - Human Services
Phone: 217-581-2712
Email: tmbecker@eiu.edu

Trina Becker's Vita
Instructor since 2002. Currently she supervises students in clinical practicum for CDS 4900 and 5900, as well as diagnostic practicum, CDS 5910, and coordinates clinical practicum services at a local school. Mrs. Becker is the co-advisor for the EIU chapter of the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association. She is an active member of the Illinois Speech-Language Hearing Association (ISHA), and currently serves as the Continuing Education Administrator of ISHA. Mrs. Becker currently teaches CDS 2000 Introduction to Communication Disorders and Sciences and CDS 4800 Communication Modalities. She specializes in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and has done presentations at the local and state level on this topic. She has also co-chaired undergraduate and graduate research projects related to AAC. Previously, she worked full-time for a special education co-op providing speech-language therapy for children with special needs.

Frequently Taught Courses

CDS 2000 – Introduction to Communication Disorders
CDS 4800 – Communication Modalities
CDS 4900 – Undergraduate Clinical Practicum
CDS 5400 - Working with Families in Early Intervention
CDS 5400 - AAC for Beginning Communicators 
CDS 5900 – Graduate Clinical Practicum
CDS 5910 – Graduate Diagnostic Practicum


B.A. Eastern Illinois University 1997 
M.S. Eastern Illinois University 1998

Professional Organizations

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) 

Selected Conference Presentations

Becker, T. (2007, May)
"Augmentative Communication Options for My Child Who is Non-Verbal"
Presented for StarNet Region V, Oak Park, IL

Becker T., Bergstrom, B. (2007, July; 2008, August)
"Facilitating Language Through Literacy"
ECISHA, Charleston, IL and StarNet Region V, Chicago, IL

Becker, T. (2007, July, October)
"Solutions for the Non-Verbal Child"
StarNet Region II, Naperville and StarNet Rebioun VI, Tinley Park

Becker, T. (2008, March 15; 2008, July 31; 2008, November 7)
"I'm Bringing Language Back: AAC Intervention Beyond I Want"
StarNet Region V, Chicago, IL; StarNet Region II, Downers Grove; Starnet Region VI, Tinley Park

Becker, T. (2008, September 19)
"Watch Me Talk: Establishing Symbolic Communication for Nonverbal Children"
StarNet Region V, Chicago, IL

Becker, T. (2008, November 6)
"Setting Up the Home Environment to Increase Communication"
StarNet Region VI, Tinley Park, IL

Becker, T. (2008, November 8)
"AAC a Solution not a Substitution for Ineffective Natural Speech"
National Association for Down Syndrome, Rosemont, IL

Becker, T. (2009, October 9)
"Expanding Language Skills of AAC Users Beyond Requesting"
Sharing A Vision: Statewide Collaborative Early Childhood Conference, Lobard, IL

Becker, T. & Bergstrom B. (2009. October 16)
"Seeing Results with Aided Language Modeling"
Closing the Gap - International Assistive Technology Conference, Minneapolis, MN

Becker, T. & Leggitt, B. (2009, October 17)
"Going Gateway"
Closing the Gap - International Assistive Technology Conference, Minneapolis, MN

Becker, T. (2009, November 9)
"Visual Supports for Children with Autism"
StarNet Region V, Chicago, IL

Becker, T. & Leggitt, B. (2010, October 22)
"I + Want + That = Novel AAC Users"
Closing the Gap - International Assistive Technology Conference, Minneapolis, MN

Becker, T & Schneider, H. (2010, October, 29)
"Emergent to Independent Communicators: Choosing Dynamic Goals"
Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference, Chicago, IL

Becker, T & Schneider, H. (2010, October 30)
"Selecting, Implementing, and Monitoring AAC Goals for Communicative Success"
Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference, Chicago, IL

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