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Ms.  Jill K Fahy

Ms. Jill K Fahy

Associate Professor

Office: 2205 - Human Services
Phone: 217-581-7450
Fax: 217-581-7105
Email: jkfahy@eiu.edu

Jill Fahy's Vita
Office Hours Fall 2012:  MW 10-11, TR 9:00-11:00, 1:00-2:00
Jill Fahy is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences at Eastern Illinois University.  She teaches graduate courses in Acquired Language Disorders, Development of Executive Functions, Right Hemisphere Disorders, Advanced Clinical Practicium, and has also taught Motor Speech Disorders.  She teaches undergraduate courses in Neurology and the CDS Departmental Honors Lab.  Ms. Fahy's clinical supervision encompasses a wide range of children and adolescents with deficits in executive functions, social communication, and pragmatics.  Ms. Fahy lectures at the state and national level on the assessment and treatment of executive function disorders and associated communication impairments, and is co-author of The Source for Development of Executive Functions.  Other areas of interest include neuroscience, aphasia & right hemisphere disorders, Asperger's syndrome & social cognition, and functional cognitive and vocational rehabilitation.  Ms. Fahy coordinates and analyzes student-formative assessment data for the CDS Department, She is also developing an undergraduate  Writing & Critical Thinking program for CDS students. Prior to teaching at EIU, Ms. Fahy provided services primarily to populations with acquired neurological deficits in medical settings. 

Current Syllabi

Frequently Taught Courses

CDS 5900 Advanced Clinical Practicum
CDS 5910 Advanced Clinical Assessment
CDS 5400 Developmental Right Hemisphere Disorders
CDS 5400 Development of Executive Functions
CDS 5300 Acquired Language Disorders
CDS 4900 Clinical Practicum
CDS 3900 Introduction to Clinical Techniques
CDS 3500 Neuroanatomy
CDS 4690 Honors Lab


Education                                                                    Certification    
M.A.—Speech-Language Pathology                                    ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competency
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May 1992            Illinois State Licensure (#146004079)
                                                                                        Teacher Certification, Speech-Language Impaired  
B.A.—French, minor in Economics                                     State of Illinois                  
Eastern Illinois University,
May 1988
Graduate coursework in psychology, Eastern Illinois University, 2006 - 2011

Professional Organizations

Professional Associations                    
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association                  Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association 

Speakers Bureau

For more information, please visit the Speakers Bureau Webpage.


Relationships between development of language and executive functions in typical and language-delayed children. 

Presentation of social competence in individuals with acquired and developmental right hemisphere disorders.

Diagnostic profiles of executive function disorders in acquired and developmental disorders.

Mirror neuron system functions as a component of social cognition

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Burns, M. and Fahy, J. (2010).  Broca’s Area:  Rethinking Classical Concepts From a Neuroscience Perspective.  Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, Volume 17, Number 6, Nov-Dec, 401-410.


Richard, G. & Fahy, J. (2005).  The Source for Development of Executive Functions.  LinguiSystems, Inc., East Moline, IL.

Jones, C. & Fahy, J. (2009).  Attention Disorders and Executive Functions--An Internet Course for Speech-Language Pathologists on AD/HD and Its Relationship to Executive Functions.  LinguiSystems, Inc., East Moline, IL.  


Selected Conference Presentations

Professional Presentations

International Presentations
Fahy, J. (2013).  Executive Functions and Language:  Current Insights & Future Implications.  Keynote
Speaker, Audiologopaedisk Forening (ALF) 2013 Conference, Nyborg, Denmark.  March 20. 
National Presentations
Fahy, J. (2014).  Assessment and Treatment of Executive Dysfunction in Children & Adolescents, Butler
County Educational Service Center Continuing Education Conference, Hamilton, OH.  January 10.

Fahy, J. (2013).  Assessment and Treatment for Executive Function Disorders in the Educational Environment. 
Southwestern Ohio School Psychologists Association Annual Fall Conference, Cincinnati, OH.  October

Fahy, J. (2012).  Executive Functions in Education:  How to Make a Difference for Students.  Keynote Speaker, Metro Speech Language Network 2012 Symposium, Denver, CO.  February 3.

Fahy, J. (2011).  Executive Functions in Education.  Ohio School Speech Pathology Educational Audiology Coalition, Columbus, OH.  October 23. 

Fahy, J. (2011).  Assessment and Treatment for Executive Function Disorders in the Educational Environment.  Hamilton County Education Center, Cincinnati, OH.  March 25.

Fahy, J. (2011).  Making Sense of Executive Functions.  Central Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Bloomington, IL.  March 8. 

 Trainor, K., Fahy, J., & Throneburg, R. (2010). Relationship between preschool executive function skills and oral narrative skills. November 20, ASHA Program Guide, pg 152.

Scaliatine, C. Veale, T., Richard, G., Fahy, J. (2009).  Perspective-Taking in Adolescents With Asperger’s Syndrome & Nonverbal Learning Disorders.  November 2009. ASHA Program Guide. 

Fahy, J. (2009). Executive Functions:  Understand, Evaluate, and Treat EF Deficits in Your Caseload.  Montana Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Billings, MT.

Fahy, J. (2009). Executive Functions in Patients with Acquired Brain Injuries.  Iowa Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Des Moines, IO.

Fahy, J. (2009). Executive Function Deficits in School-Aged Children:  How to Make a Difference.  Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, OH.

Fahy, J. (2009). Executive Functions in Children & Adolescents:  What Goes Wrong, and How to Make a Difference.  Continuing Education Programs of America, Indianapolis, IN.

Fahy, J. (2009).  Understanding the Development of Executive Functions in Young Children.  STAR Net Region II, Chicago, IL.

Fahy, J. (2009).  Demystifying Executive Functions:  Treatment and Management.  Kidz Therapy Services, LLC, Long Island, NY. 

Fahy, J. (2008). Executive Functions & Language:  Tools for Thinking& Regulating. American Speech- Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention; Chicago,  IL.

Fahy, J. (2008).  Executive Functions:  Understanding, Evaluating, Treating; Continuing  Education Programs of America; Boston, MA.

Fahy, J. (2008).  Executive Functions in the Classroom; Quad-Cities Speech-Language-Hearing Association; East Moline, IL.

Fahy, J. (2008).  Acquired Deficits in Executive Functions; Quad-Cities Speech-Language-Hearing Association; East Moline, IL.

Fahy, J. (2008).  Intervention for Executive Functions; Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention; Chicago, IL.

Fahy, J., Zemsky, M., Wernet, K. (2008).  Guide to Medical Speech Pathology; Illinois Speech-Language- Hearing Association Annual Convention; Chicago, IL.

Fahy, J. (2008).  ISHA Speaker’s Forum/Distance Learning, March 2008.

Fahy, J. (2008). Development of Executive Functions; STARNet Region V; Chicago, IL.

Fahy, J. (2008).  Making Sense Out of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities; STARNet Region II; Arlington Heights, IL.

Fahy, J. (2008).  Reasoning, Thinking, Organizing, & Behaving:  How the Brain Works & How You Can Help; Regional Office of Education Unit 3; Efffingham, IL.

Fahy, J. (2007).  Executive Functions:  Understanding, Evaluating, and Treating; Continuing Education Programs of America; St. Louis, MO.

Fahy, J. (2007).  Executive Functions--What ARE They?  ISHA Speaker’s Forum

Fahy, J. (2007).  Executive Functions in the Classroom;  Regional Office of Education Unit 11, Fall Classic Institute, Charleston, IL.

Fahy, J. (2007).  Executive Functions & Metacognition; ELE 5500 (The Brain, Art, & Creativity); Eastern Illinois University; Charleston, IL.

Fahy, J. (2007).  Demystifying Executive Functions:  How to Identify, Evaluate, & Treat These Deficits; Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention; Chicago, IL.

Fahy, J. (2006).  Executive Functions—What Are They?; ISHA Speaker’s Forum, 2-hour Distance Learning Program. 

Fahy, J. (2006). Treatment of Executive Function Deficits; Adler, Molly, Gurland, Inc., 6-hour Master Clinician Series; Brooklyn,  NY.

Fahy, J. (2006).  Demystifying Executive Functions:  How to Identify, Evaluate, and Treat These Deficits; Georgia RESA, School Psychologists’ 6-hour Fall Training Institute, Rome, GA.

Fahy, J. (2006).  The Bigger Picture of Pragmatics:  Social Perceptions & Executive Functions; South Eastern Special Education 6-hour Summer Institute, Ste Marie, IL.

Fahy, J. (2006).  Executive Function Deficits:  Development, Assessment, and Treatment;  SCISHA 6-hour Spring Institute Day, Vandalia, IL.

Fahy, J. (2006).  Executive Function Deficits:  Development, Assessment and Treatment; ECISHA 3-hour Spring Institute Day, Charleston, IL.

Fahy, J. (2005).  Role of the SLP in Community Re-Entry; CDS 5350—Cognitive Communicative Disorders, CDS, EIU, Charleston, IL.

Fahy, J. (2005).  Professional Experiences in Counseling; CDS 5400—Special Topics-Counseling, CDS, EIU, Charleston, IL.

Fahy, J. (2004).  SOAP Notes:  What are they, and how do I write them?  CDS 3900—Clinical Techniques, CDS, EIU, Charleston, IL.

Fahy, J. (2004).  Case Study:  Acquired Right Hemisphere Syndrome; CDS 5970—Educational Internships, CDS, EIU, Charleston, IL.

Fahy, J. (2000).  The development, function, and dysfunction of the frontal lobes;  Community Therapy Services, Staff Training Day, Geneva, IL.

Fahy, J. (1999).  Functions of the Right Hemisphere; Prefrontal Lobe Function; Treatment Approaches for Disorders of the Right Hemisphere & Frontal Lobe; Observing and Assessing Performance on the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Drawing; Neuropsychology Certificate Program of the Fielding Institute, Post-Doctoral Training, Forest Hospital, Des Plaines, IL.

Fahy, J. (1997-1998).  Nonverbal Learning Disorders in Children; Principles of Cognition & Communication; The Frontal Lobe; Executive Functions; Neurological Syndromes Associated with Right Hemisphere Damage; Communication & Behavioral Syndromes of Right Hemisphere Dysfunction; Department of Communicative Disorders, Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, IL. 

Fahy, J. (1998).  Principles of Cognition & Communication; Frontal Lobe Functions Related to Communication; Assessment & Treatment of Executive Functions; Communication Disorders and Sciences, St. Xavier University, Chicago, IL. 

Fahy, J. (1997).  Nonverbal Learning Disorder and the Right Hemisphere:  Ideas for Intervention; Urbana Schools Speech-Language Pathologists Association, Urbana, IL.

Fahy, J. (1994; 1995). Medical Speech Pathology:  Responsibilities and Challenges; Communication Disorders and Sciences, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL

Fahy, J. (2002).  Normal and disordered prefrontal lobe functions & executive functions;  Inova VNA HomeHealth, Sterling, VA.

Fahy, J. (1999; 1998).  Case Studies in Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation. Day Rehabilitation Center, Resurrection Medical Center, Chicago, IL.   


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