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University Advancement builds and enhances relationships with alumni and friends, creates awareness of university accomplishments and raises funds to support excellence at Eastern Illinois University.

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Honorary Degrees

Year Awarded Name Degree
1949Harry L. HuberDoctor of Pedagogy
1949Dr. Roscoe R. SnappDoctor of Pedagogy
1949Dr. Denna F. FlemingDoctor of Pedagogy
1949Dr. Ferdinand H. SteinmetzDoctor of Pedagogy
1949Dr. Lewis H. TiffanyDoctor of Pedagogy
1949Dr. Earl W. AndersonDoctor of Pedagogy
1949Dr. Audrey M. ShueyDoctor of Pedagogy
1949Dr. Max G. CarmanDoctor of Pedagogy
1949Dr. Charles L. PratherDoctor of Pedagogy
1949Dr. Walter M. ScruggsDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Edson H. TaylorDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Hazel HaskettDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Frank O. AnderhalterDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. D. Ferrell AtkinsDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Thomas W. ChamberlinDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Rolla FoleyDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Robert E. HallowellDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Leallyn B. ClappDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Harold F. CottinghamDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Donald R. DavisDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Claude S. HayesDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Daniel J. JamesDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Harry D. LovelassDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Edward G. RennelsDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Rupert L. StroudDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Max W. TurnerDoctor of Pedagogy
1956Dr. Ralph WickiserDoctor of Pedagogy
1973Senator Paul H. DouglasDoctor of Laws
1973Mr. H. Ogden BrainardDoctor of Laws
1974Dr. Robert G. BuzzardDoctor of Laws
1974Mr. Virgil JudgeDoctor of Pedagogy
1974Mr. Paul StineDoctor of Science
1975Mr. Newton E. TarbleDoctor of Laws
1975Mr. Richard A. LumpkinDoctor of Laws
1976Mrs. Helen Douglas HartDoctor of Public Service
1976Dr. William VorisDoctor of Laws
1977Hobart F. HellerDoctor of Science
1978Dorothy LeggittDoctor of Humane Letters
1978Spark M. MatsunagaDoctor of Laws
1979Tilford E. DudleyDoctor of Laws
1980William L. SpringerDoctor of Laws
1981Daniel R. ReedyDoctor of Humane Letters
1981Pres. Kuang-tsu HsuehDoctor of Humane Letters
1982Harold D. HoopmanDoctor of Humane Letters
1982J. Ray LivesayDoctor of Humane Letters
1983Arthur S. LinkDoctor of Humane Letters
1984John J. WillinghamDoctor of Laws
1984Dean FausettDoctor of Humane Letters
1985Burl IvesDoctor of Humane Letters
1985James T. FlexnerDoctor of Humane Letters
1985Quincy V. DoudnaDoctor of Humane Letters
1986Norman A. GraebnerDoctor of Humane Letters
1986Donald F. McHenryDoctor of Laws
1986Dr. Philip W. SmithDoctor of Science
1987Mr. Errett WarnerDoctor of Humane Letters
1987Mr. Tih-wu-WangDoctor of Humane Letters
1987Mr. Howard E. BrownDoctor of Public Service
1988Mr. Rex D. CooleyDoctor of Laws
1988Mr. John White, Jr.Doctor of Laws
1989Ms. Celeste HolmDoctor of Public Service
1989Robert T. WrightDoctor of Public Service
1989Congressman Terry L. BruceDoctor of Public Service
1989Hazel WatsonDoctor of Public Service
1990Donald L. CalvinDoctor of Laws
1990Gwendolyn BrooksDoctor of Humane Letters
1990William C. WarfieldDoctor of Humane Letters
1991Gerald DunnDoctor of Public Service
1991Thelma KellerDoctor of Public Service
1991Bertrand P. HolleyDoctor of Humane Letters
1992John T. SandersDoctor of Public Service
1993Josephine OblingerDoctor of Public Service
1993Richard A. LumpkinDoctor of Public Service
1994Glenn Q. LeflerDoctor of Public Service
1994James GiffinDoctor of Public Service
1994Joan EmberyDoctor of Public Service
1994Lucina GabbardDoctor of Humane Letters
1995Ronald DavisDoctor of Public Service
1995Robert IngramDoctor of Public Service
1999Author HughesDoctor of Public Service
1999Jim EdgarDoctor of Public Service
2000Robert KnollenbergDoctor of Public Service
2002Mariane FerberDoctor of Humane Letters
2003Burnham NealDoctor of Public Service
2003Dario CoviDoctor of Humane Letters
2004Eulalee AndersonDoctor of Public Service
2004Randall WrightDoctor of Public Service
2005Richard LeviDoctor of Public Service
2006Patrick CoburnDoctor of Public Service
2006William Edward PhippsDoctor of Humane Letters
2006Jeffrey G. ScottDoctor of Public Service
2006Charles Jacobs YoungerDoctor of Public Service
2007Sue C. PaytonDoctor of Public Service
2007Jan TarbleBachelor's of Fine Arts*
2008Jerry GriffithDoctor of Public Service
2009Rudolph G. HlavekDoctor of Public Service
2009Matthew PolenzaniDoctor of Public Service
2009Morrie ReeceDoctor of Public Service
2009Robert W. SterlingDoctor of Public Service
2010H. Ray HoopsDoctor of Humane Letters
2010F. E. \Joe"Glassford"""Doctor of Pedagogy
2010Dr. Janet TreichelDoctor of Public Service
2011Steve GosselinDoctor of Public Service
2012Robert Corn-RevereDoctor of Laws
2012Robert HolmesDoctor of Science
2012Julie I. NimmonsDoctor of Public Service
2013Gwendolyn DungyDoctor of Pedagogy
2013Donald L. GherDoctor of Public Service
2013Gordon L. GradoDoctor of Science
2013Sean PaytonDoctor of Public Service
2015Barbara BaurerDoctor of Public Service
2015Victor Gene MyersDoctor of Humane Letters

* Recipient did not want it to read Doctorate Degree.