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EIU Prairiespark E-Hub: Youth Educator


  • Focused Mind (Activity) - Give each student a piece of thread with a paperclip tied on the end of it. Ask them to place their elbow on the table and hold it steady using the opposite hand. Then hold the string between their thumb and index finger dangling down from their hands. Finally they need to concentrate where they want the paper clip to move. (back and forth, in a circle, etc.) The paper clip will move if they really concentrate. Then ask them to think “I can’t do this, this won’t work. This will cause the paper clip to stop.

  • iEntrepreneur Challenge (Activity)
    • The Business Solutions Center started what we call the "iEntrepreneur Challenge" contest to help celebrate and encourage participation during Global Entrepreneurship Week. The purpose of this contest is to promote entrepreneurship among junior high, high school, and full-time (minimum 9 credit hours) college students in the following Illinois counties: Coles, Clark, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Effingham, Moultrie, and Shelby. Participants this year were required to interview an entrepreneur and record a video response that answered the question: "What have you learned from your failures?"

  • Lemonade Stand (Game)- This game helps students understand how running a business works
  • Problem Solving & Thinking Innovatively (Activity)

    • Break the students into teams and give them a piece of paper ask them to cut the paper so that they can walk through the hole they have created in the paper without cutting the paper apart.
  • Visualizing The Goal (Activity)
    • Have students stand and holding one arm straight out in front of them at shoulder level, making a fist holding the thumb up. Instruct them to: Then move your arm around behind you (keeping it straight) as far as you can go. Now visually mark the farthest point you have reached on the wall behind you. Before turning back around move your eyes 4-6 inches farther. Mentally mark that spot. Return to center. Now turn again keeping your arm out and your thumb up. Did you make it to the second mark?

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