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These activities are important early in order to build a sense of belonging and establish good working relationships within your entrepreneurship class, club, or camp.

  • Activity: Each club member is given a piece of a puzzle and must find the other people in the room with the same puzzle picture and assemble the puzzle.
  • Activity: Identify individual communication and problem solving styles. Helps students to understand their own strengths and work behaviors and how a good team needs people with a variety of styles.
      • Hermann Brain Dominance
      • True Colors
  • Entrepreneurial Quote ActivityWrite each of the quotes on the attached document on color-coded index cards along with the author of the quote on separate index cards that color coordinate with the quote. Pass out the quotes to half of the students and the authors to the other half of the students and have them go around and find their matching quote/author!
  • Find Someone Who… (Activity) - The students are given a piece of paper which has 8-16 squares on it with an item in it such as wearing green, has on a little brother, has a shirt you like, or has been to Europe.  Then all of the students are given 5-15 minutes to “Find someone who” has one of the items and have that person sign the square.  You can give a prize for the person who fills in the most squares.  This gets kids up and talking to each other.  Great ice breaker.
  • Have You Ever? (Activity) - This activity can be done standing in a circle or with the students seated. One person starts by asking “Have you ever_______."  Then each person who has done that thing acknowledges by coming into the circle of standing up.  The next “Have you ever” question is asked by one of the people who answered affirmative to the last question asked.
  • Scavenger Hunt (Activity):  Assign students to small groups.  This can be an in club activity where all items can be obtained within the area where you are meeting helping students to work as a team. Or it can motivate the students to work as a team planning their strategy, dividing the work to accomplish the goal and communicating progress outside of club time.
  • Other Team Building Exercise Activities: Divide the club into smaller groups to do these exercises.
    • Move a ball down a hallway with out using hands or feet and making sure that each team member touches the ball at least once.
    • Building a structure using toothpicks and gum drops without talking, and allowing each team member to use only one hand. 
    • Each team member has one piece of a puzzle which the team must assemble.
    • Each team member has a piece of paper with a sentence fragment on it and the team must assemble the fragments to create a story.

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