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Quality Systems Certificate

About the Quality Systems Certificate

The Quality Systems graduate certificate program is designed to provide graduate students and professionals working in industry and business with focused course work leading to improvement in the quality of products and services to help companies become more competitive in the global market. This certificate program requires 18 semester hours of course work.


The admission requirement is the same as regular degree seeking graduate students. That is, a minimum undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale or a 2.75 GPA on the last 60 hours of graded academic course work is required.

Applying for Admission to the Certificate Program

If you are a new student pursuing only the certificate program, use the standard admission application for graduate study to apply for the certificate program. In the area of study, please indicate the name of the certificate for which you are applying. Then, contact the graduate coordinator to schedule an admission meeting.

If you have been already admitted to the Master of Science in Technology degree program, use a Change of Status Form to add the certificate program to your graduate studies. Submit the form to the School of Technology and the Graduate School.

These areas have been identified by employers as the most demanded skills in the new Internet economy.

Graduation with the Certificate

During your last semester, you will follow the same graduation procedure as any other graduate degree. In other words, you need to apply for graduation at the beginning of each semester according to deadlines set by The Graduate School.

You also need to inform the graduate coordinator about your plan to graduate with the certificate. E-mail your final study plan to the graduate coordinator at the beginning of your graduating semester. A study plan lists all the courses to be applied to the certificate program, including department prefix, course number, title, semester, grade and instructor. Please indicate your E-Number and full name on your study plan.

If you graduate with a Master of Science in Technology degree plus a certificate, you will need one graduation application for each program.


Required Core (12 Semester Hours)

AET 4843        Statistical Quality Assurance

TEC 5103        Science and Technology of Leadership

TEC 5133        Total Quality Systems

TEC 5243        Design for Quality

Electives (6 Semester Hours from the following list)

AET 4753        Lean Manufacturing

AET 4773        Safety for Engineering and Technology Professionals

AET 4803        Plant Layout and Material Handling

AET 4943        Manufacturing Management     

4820 OPD       Change Strategies in Organizations

4845 OPD       Improvement in Organizations

OPD 4850       Quality Processes in the Workplace

TEC 5123        Industrial Productivity Analysis 

TEC 5970        Special Topics in Technology: Problem Solving for Manufacturing

TEC 5970        Special Topics in Technology: ISO 9000

TEC 5970        Special Topics in Technology: Reliability Engineering

* Other special topics OPD4850/AET4970/TEC5970 courses as approved by the academic advisor.

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Contact Information

Dr. David W. Melton
Coordinator of Graduate Study

School of Technology
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Ave
Charleston, IL 61920
(217) 581-5762

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