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Computer Technology Area

About the Computer Technology Area

The Computer Technology area of study in the Masters Degree in Technology prepares students to become more effective leaders in today’s technological and global environment. This area of study provides students with knowledge and skills in current computer technology.

Key areas include data communications and networking technology, advanced database technology, multimedia and web technology, management of computer technology, data acquisition, industrial system simulation, advanced computer integrated manufacturing, automatic identification, and other applications of computer technology.

Required Core (13 Hours For All MS Students)

TEC 5001     Seminar in Technology 

TEC 5103     Science and Technology of Leadership

TEC 5133     Total Quality Systems

TEC 5143     Research in Technology

TEC 5173    Global Technology

Electives (minimum of 19 hours from the following list)

AET 4833     Automatic Identification and Data Capture

MAT 4870     Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis

MAT 4970     Principles of Operating System 

MAT 5035     Topics in Computer Science: Cryptography

TEC 5303      C# Technological Applications and the .Net Platform 

TEC 5313      Networking and Advanced Data Communications

TEC 5323      Advanced Database Technology 

TEC 5333      Management of Computer Technology

TEC 5343      Multimedia and Web Technology

TEC 5353      Cyber Security

TEC 5363      Database Security and Reliability

TEC 5373      Java Application in Technology

TEC 5413      Biometric Security

TEC 5513      Advanced Computer Integrated Manufacturing

TEC 5523      Systems Simulation

TEC 5970      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Integration, and Execution

TEC 5990       Non-Thesis Option: Capstone Experience (for students starting Fall 2015 or later)

TEC 5990       Non-Thesis Option: CCK (for students starting before Fall 2015)

TEC 5950       Thesis option

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Contact Information

Dr. David W. Melton
Coordinator of Graduate Study

School of Technology
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Ave
Charleston, IL 61920
(217) 581-5762

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