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EIU Rural School Initiative

Teacher Tech Tuesday


 techThe EIU Rural School Initiative has implemented a social media campaign to aide in the transition to remote teaching and learning. Teacher Tech Tuesday consists of a post on Facebook and Twitter including tips on how to maximize the remote teaching experience. These tips include offline Google work, manipulating PDF files, and converting files to specific modalities.


EIU Rural Schools (Facebook)

@EIURuralSchools (Twitter)

Online Class Organizers & Communications Sites for Ideas & Tips                                            Tech Tools & Utilities                                           
Google Meet -
most common virtual classroom meeting tool
EDU in 90 sec -
G-Classroom tips
Vocaroo -
online simple voice/sound recorder
SeeSaw -
online lessons and portfolio sharing
Edutopia -
tips for getting to know your class

PDF Candy -
online PDF converters

Remind -
utility for easy text/email class group communications
Learn Away -
weekly list of ten connected ideas
The Noun Project (tutorial) -
online icons and art for any project
Padlet -
an online whiteboard

The Anywhere School 2020 -
virtual teaching training

Chromebook Apps -
9 to 5 Google list of recommended free apps
Substitute Teaching Info
pswd: eH?JX%F6
Teaching Remotely Ideas and Support -
Eastern Illinois University
Offline Mode For Chromebooks & G Suite
  Chromebook Guide: Accessibility PowerPoint -
easy jeopardy game with slides
  Read Write Think
resources for teachers AND students! They
have a long history of materials and continue to update it.

Google Slides vs Drawings vs Jamboard
great tools for in-person remote learning; but
which should you use and for what job?

    Google Drawings -
drawing tool that can be used to insert and edit drawings
in documents, PDF files, etc. It can also be used as a doodle whiteboard!

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