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EIU Rural School Initiative

The purpose of the Rural School Initiative is to develop a network of P-16 educators and community stakeholders to work together to address common issues.

A major theme is to elevate teaching as a profession and provide support for current and future teachers.

Click here to learn more about the Accelerated MAT Teacher Licensure Program.

Rural Education Organizations

The EIU Grow Your Own Program supports paraprofessionals in attaining teacher licenses for hard-to-staff schools. The next cohorts will begin fall semester 2024.

Special Education Online Program
Elementary Education Hybrid Program
MAT Secondary Education

Purpose of the Rural School Initiative

Elevate the Teaching Profession

Elevate the teaching profession and inspire people to join the profession.

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Provide P-16 Opportunities

Provide P-16 opportunities to rethink education and teacher preparation

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Work with Local Partners

Work with local partners to align teacher supply to create streamlined pathways into the teaching profession.

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Develop Robust Teacher Mentorship

Develop robust teacher mentorship and induction programs.

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Work Together to Identify

Work together to identify and seek funding to support local initiatives with local resources.

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Why I Want to be a Rural Teacher

"I am a sophomore at Eastern Illinois University, and this is my fourth semester in the Rural Teacher Corps. As I continue to grow as an educator, I am becoming more compelled to teach in rural schools. Rural schools offer a unique sense of engagement and community that is not offered in bigger areas. I want to know my students, their families, and provide them with the best education I possibly can."

Holly Higgins

"As a child, school was something I looked forward to every day. I was excited to see my friends and learn in the classroom. Growing up in a small, rural town, I personally knew each one of my elementary school teachers, my classmates, and everyone in the school. The environment was so welcoming that it felt as though we were one big family. Now, as I am quickly approaching my time to be a teacher, I want to teach in a rural community where I know each student and their family and ensure that they have the same experience as I did as a student.”

Alicia Buerster

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