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EIU Recreation Administration Program

Rho Phi Lambda

Scholarship, Leadership and Service

As the national honorary fraternity for recreation, park and leisure services students, Rho Phi Lambda, recognizes students and honorary professionals in our field for their excellence in academics, co-curricular/volunteer activities and contributions to the recreation administration field.

Rho Phi Lambda provides students a unique opportunity for recognition in the areas of scholarship, leadership and service. Eastern Illinois University has been granted recognition as the Alpha Gamma charter; Alpha Gamma chapter members and future members must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an overall grade point average of 3.00.

  • Have a major grade point average of 3.20.

  • Have completed 45 semester hours, 12 of which are required professional courses.

  • Have demonstrated scholarship, leadership and service.

Students at Eastern Illinois University that meet or exceed the requirements are invited to apply for membership to the national honorary fraternity. Annual induction ceremonies for new members are typically held in the fall semester. Students with questions should contact Dr. Andrew Kerins at or (217) 581-6388.

Recent Rho Phi Lambda Leadership and Service Activities:

  • EIU 2.5K Annual Homecoming Race:One of the largest fundraisers of the year for Rho Phi, the EIU 2.5K Homecoming Race, has grown from 40-50 participants in 2000 to almost 200 participants in 2012! In addition to serving as a fundraiser for Rho Phi Lambda, the EIU 2.5K Homecoming Race serves as a valuable integrative learning experience for undergraduate students majoring in Recreation Administration at Eastern Illinois University. The event’s goal is not just to generate funds for Rho Phi Lambda; rather, it is also designed to provide outreach and educational experiences for students while positively contributing to the quality of life within the community. From the event planning, budgeting, marketing, and event sponsorships to the implementation and evaluation of the race, Rho Phi Lambda members and students from REC 3320 (Festivals and Special Events), REC 4740 (Research & Evaluation), and REC 4850 (Financial Practices) are actively engaged in every aspect of the event, allowing them to refine skills learned in the classroom and apply and practice them in a real-world setting. All while providing a recreational opportunity in the community! Visit to learn more about next year’s race.

  • Rho Phi Lambda Mentor-Mentee Program:Since 2011, Rho Phi Lambda has organized and coordinated a peer and professional mentor program. Specifically, Rho Phi members serve as peer mentors for students within one of our intro courses, REC 1320 “Leadership in Recreation”. Rho Phi members help orientate these freshman/sophomore-level students into the program and recreation field by providing support, guidance, volunteer opportunities, and leadership. In addition, Rho Phi Lambda members are also paired with a professional mentor who provides these same mentorship experiences to them as they prepare for their professional careers. If you are interested in serving as a professional mentor for a Rho Phi Lambda member, please contact Michael Mulvaney at or (217) 581-6589.

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