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EIU Online Master of Arts in History

MA in History (Online)

Our traditional MA program moved online in Fall 2022. All seminars (5000-5999 numbered courses) are now offered exclusively online. Coursework is offered in American, Premodern World, and Modern World history. Students who pursue their degree in this program choose the thesis or non-thesis track to complete their M.A. degree. This program is separate from the Online for Teachers option.

As our alumni page attests, our program is flexible enough to meet a number of career objectives. Full-time students seeking a terminal master’s degree can complete the program in three regular semesters, including summer coursework. Students planning to go on to a doctoral program may wish to take two years.

Both of our programs offer rigorous training in the three areas of study. The centerpiece of each is Historiography, a course that introduces students to the methodologies and theoretical frameworks historians employ. Our proseminars in US, premodern world, and modern world history introduce students to the important scholarly debates in each of these general concentrations of study.

We welcome applications from anyone who has at least an undergraduate minor in history or equivalent. We may consider those with degrees in related disciplines, depending on their coursework. Applicants should choose letter writers who can speak to their potential to succeed in a graduate program. This means addressing the applicant's basic skills as a historian: their ability to write and speak effectively, to think critically, to research, to analyze primary sources, and to engage with historiography. We can only consider letters from individuals with a professional or academic affiliation with the applicant, as university-level instructors or current or former supervisors. We cannot accept letters of recommendation from friends or family members.

In the application we also recommend personal statements that go beyond the usual “I’ve always loved history” platitudes. Tell us about you! Why do you love history, what areas of history do you like, what background do you have, and why do you feel that EIU is a good fit for your goals?

Students interested in pursuing their degrees full-time will find our competitive graduate assistantships can make their studies affordable. These assistantships carry tuition waivers and monthly stipends. Assistants perform a range of duties, such as research assistance, teaching assistance, technology support, and editorial support for academic journals, and gain valuable skills in the process. These duties must be performed on campus.

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