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EIU Office of General Counsel


 Citation links direct you to the statute on the Illinois General Assembly website.


Statute Title


110 ILCS 205/10 Board of Higher
Education Act
The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University, the Board of Trustees of Chicago State University, the Board of Trustees of Eastern Illinois University, the Board of Trustees of Governors State University, the Board of Trustees of Illinois State University, the Board of Trustees of Northeastern Illinois University, the Board of Trustees of Northern Illinois University, the Board of Trustees of Western Illinois University, and the Illinois Community College Board shall retain all the powers and duties heretofore given and conferred upon them by statute, except insofar as they are limited by the powers and duties delegated to the Board of Higher Education by this Act. 
    Nothing, however, in this Act shall be construed to prevent individual state universities and colleges from establishing higher minimum admission requirements and higher minimum admission requirements may be established for out-of-state students than for Illinois residents. 
110 ILCS 26/10 Credit Card Marketing
Act of 2009. 
Financial education. Any institution of higher education that enters into an agreement to market credit cards to students pursuing an undergraduate education, or that allows its student groups, alumni associations, or affiliates to enter into such agreements must make a financial education program available to all students. Additionally, an institution of higher education shall make available to all its students, via posting in a conspicuous location on its web pages, the financial education information required by this Section. 
110 ILCS 35/1 Educational Institution
Presiding Officer Act
The board of trustees, directors or managers, or the senate, of any college, seminary, academy or other educational institution, incorporated under any general or special law of this state, solely for educational purposes, and possessing no capital stock, may elect its own presiding officer for such term as such board or senate may determine, the provisions of any special charter to the contrary notwithstanding. 
110 ILCS 45/1 Educational Trustees Act The number of trustees of any college, seminary or academy, incorporated under any general or special law of this state, and possessing no capital stock, may be increased in the manner hereinafter provided. 
110 ILCS 50/3 Institution of Learning
Powers Act
The trustees, directors or managers shall have control and management of the affairs and property of the corporation, and may appoint and fix the salaries of the president or principal, professors, tutors, teachers and such other officers and agents as they may deem necessary, and remove them at pleasure; and may prescribe the course of study to be observed in the institution, or any department thereof, and may grant literary honors and degrees pursuant to "An Act to regulate the granting of academic degrees, diplomas and certificates by certain educational institutions, to provide penalties for the violation thereof and to make an appropriation therefor", approved August 14, 1961, as heretofore and hereafter amended. 
110 ILCS 50/5a Institution of Learning
Powers Act
Limited liability of directors and trustees of certain institutions of learning. (a) No director or trustee, serving without compensation other than reimbursement for actual expenses, of a corporation organized under a special law or charter for the purpose of establishing or conducting a university, college, academy or other institution of learning and subject to this Act, shall be liable, and no cause of action may be brought for damages resulting from the exercise of judgment or discretion in connection with the duties or responsibilities of such director or trustee unless the act or omission involved willful or wanton conduct. 
105 ILCS 5/30-13 School Code The scholarships issued under Sections 30-9 through 30-12 of this Article may be used at the University of Illinois, Southern Illinois University, Chicago State University, Eastern Illinois University, Governors State University, Illinois State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, and Western Illinois University as provided in those sections. Unless otherwise indicated, these scholarships shall be good for a period of not more than 4 years while enrolled for residence credit and shall exempt the holder from the payment of tuition, or any matriculation, graduation, activity, term or incidental fee, except any portion of a multipurpose fee which is used for a purpose for which exemption is not granted under this Section.  
    Exemption shall not be granted from any other fees, including book rental, service, laboratory, supply, union building, hospital and medical insurance fees and any fees established for the operation and maintenance of buildings, the income of which is pledged to the payment of interest and principal on bonds issued by the governing board of any university or community college.
    Any student who has been or shall be awarded a scholarship shall be reimbursed by the appropriate university or community college for any fees which he has paid and for which exemption is granted under this Section, if application for such reimbursement is made within 2 months following the school term for which the fees were paid. 
    The holder of a scholarship shall be subject to all examinations, rules and requirements of the university or community college in which he is enrolled except as herein directed. 
    This article does not prohibit the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University, the Board of Regents of the Regency Universities System and the Board of Governors of State Colleges and Universities for the institutions under their respective jurisdictions from granting other scholarships. 
110 ILCS 90/1 University Chancellors Act In all universities of learning, not placed under the control of the officers of this state, whether organized under any general or special law, including those wherein by law the governor is made chancellor ex officio, the board of trustees shall have power, by a by-law, to create the office of chancellor, to prescribe the powers and duties thereof, not inconsistent with the provisions of law, and to fix the term thereof; and, from time to time, to fill the same by election: Provided, whenever the governor is by law chancellor ex officio, and shall be able to attend and act as such, his rights, prerogatives and duties shall not be abridged or affected by the provisions of this act. 

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