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EIU Master of Science in Communication Disorders and Science

Graduate Student Research

Chelsea Fitch: Improving Phonological Awareness and Changing Lives

Published on Apr 8, 2014 Chelsea Fitch, a graduate student in the Communication Disorders and Sciences Department, has been working with four children from Carl Sandburg Elementary School who are deaf or hard of hearing to improve their phonological awareness, a key component of reading. Fitch teaches the students lessons weekly and has been working with Dr. Tena McNamara to link music and speech pathology together to help the four students.


Masters Thesis List 2006-2012


Visual Phonics and Phonological Awareness Intervention:Stability of Gains in Language and Literacy

Author: Mara Hampton; Thesis Chair: Tina Veale


Signal-To-Noise Ratio of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices Across Educational Settings

Author: Hope Lorenz;  Thesis Chairs: Tena McNamara and Trina Becker


Executive Functions in Preschool Children with Specific Language Impairment

Author: Kathleen Trainor;  Thesis Chairs: Jill Fahy and Rebecca Throneburg


Inferencing Abilities of Children with Specific Language Impairment

Author: Kelsey DePew;  Thesis Chair: Tina Veale


The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Delivered Via Distance Therapy

Author: Kate Harrington;  Thesis Chairs: Frank Goldacker and Rebecca Throneburg



2011 Graduate Student Jeanna Probst's Research Video

Graduate Student Jeanna Probst and Assistant Professor Trina Becker give insight into Jeanna's graduate research.

The Effect of Person versus AAC Directed Apraxia Therapy on Elicited Imitation for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author: Jeanna Probst; Thesis Chairs: Gail Richard and Trina Becker


Nonliteral Language used by Teachers in the Classroom

Author: Jenna Szybowicz;  Thesis Chairs: Lynn Calvert and Rebecca Throneburg


Impact of Siblings and Peers on Children with Autism

Author: Laura Welsh; Thesis Chair: Tina Veale


Errorless Learning for Teaching AAC Concepts/Comments to Children with Autism

Author: Marissa Ulm; Thesis Chairs: Trina Becker and Beth Bergstrom


Vocabulary Acquisition through Fast Mapping in Children with Autism

Author: Lynne Barcus;  Thesis Chair: Tina Veale



Effect of Prolonged Pacifier Use on Speech Articulation

Author: Danielle LaPrairie

Committee Members: Frank Goldacker, Lynn Calvert, Rebecca Throneburg


The Application of Visual Phonics and Phonological Awareness Interventions to Address Language Impairment in Preschool Children

Author: Jodi Dyke

Committee Members: Tina Veale, Angela Anthony, Jean Smitley


The Application of Visual Phonics and Phonological Awareness Interventions to Address Emergent Literacy Development in Speech-Language Impaired Preschoolers

Author: Elizabeth K. Gergits

Committee Members: Tina Veale, Angela Anthony, Jean Smitley



Perspective-Taking in Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Author: Caitlin Scaliatine

Committee Members: Tina Veale, Jill Fahy, Beth Bergstrom



The Effect of Joint Book Reading and the Language Experience Approach on Vocabulary Acquisition

Author: Whitney Sturm

Committee Members: Angela Beckman-Anthony, Rebecca Throneburg, Lynn Calvert, Robert Augustine


Word Retrieval Treatment Using Collaborative Referencing

Author: Cassie (Shuemaker) Flack

Committee Members: Brenda Wilson, T. Christine Chambers, Frank Goldacker



A Comparison of School-Aged Children Who Stutter and do not Stutter in Difficult Phonological Tasks

Author: Christopher Lading

Committee Members: Carl Dell, Jill Fahy, Rebecca Throneburg


The Effect of Objective Data in Narrative Observation Notes on Changing Supervisee Behavior

Author: Rudyard C. Watson

Committee Members: Trina Becker, Jean Smitley, Rebecca Throneburg, Jill Nilsen


The Effects of Augmentative and Alternative Communication on the Communication Attempts and Disruptive Behavior of a Child with Autism

Author: Natalie Arp

Committee Members: Gail Richard, Brenda Wilson, Trina Becker, T. Christine Chambers


Methodological Variables for Eliciting Maximum Phonational Frequency Range in Adults

Author: K. Lenee Moseley

Committee Members: Frank Goldacker, Rebecca Throneburg, Mary Anne Hanner


Assessing Effectiveness of the Differential Assessment of Autism and Other Developmental Disorders (DAADD) as a Diagnostic Screening Instrument

Author: Caroline Dahlstrom

Committee Members: Gail Richard


Language-Based Spelling Instruction for Children with Hearing Impairment

Author: Brittney Yakey

Committee Members: Rebecca Throneburg, Lynn Calvert, Lynn Wilkerson



The Validity of the S/Z Ratio as a Voice Screening Tool

Author: Larry L. Panozzo, Jr.

Committee Members: Frank Goldacker, Rebecca Throneburg, Mary Anne Hanner


Comparing Discourse Performance According to Elicitation Procedure

Author: Aimee Wheat

Committee Members: Brenda Wilson, Rebecca Throneburg, Ronan Bernas

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