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EIU Department of Student Teaching and Clinical Experiences

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions concerning Student Teaching Application

When do I have to apply for student teaching?

You must apply one year prior to when you plan to student teach:

  • For candidates intending to Student Teach Fall 2024, the application period must be completed by October 31, 2023.

What is a writing sample?

This is a formal, five-paragraph essay that is provided to potential cooperating teachers and principals as part of their consideration of your application to student teach at their school. 

Where do my TB test results go?

EIU student teachers must have a TB screening. If you are determined to be at risk, then you must have a TB test that is 90 days current when they begin student teaching. The original test result sheet is to be sent to the Office of Student Teaching in the Dean's Office, College of Education & Professional Studies, 1420 Buzzard Hall. Copies are also given to the student’s coordinator and cooperating teacher.

If students get their TB test taken off-campus, the results should be sent to the Student Health Service.

When will I find out where I am student teaching?

Your coordinator will usually have your placement completed by the first week of December for Spring placement and by the last week of April for the Fall placement (though delays beyond our ability to control sometimes lead to later dates). You may be required to interview at the school where you are potentially placed.

Do I have to sign up for STG 4000 as well as STG 4001?

Yes, all student teachers will be registered for both classes unless STG 4000 has been taken previously as part of a study abroad experience.  You will not register yourself for these classes; the College of Education Dean's Office will do so once all required documentation has been submitted and approved.


Questions concerning Pre-Clinical Observations 

What is the procedure of signing up to complete pre-clinical observations?

In order to observe in Charleston, Mattoon or any other schools you must sign up online here. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the planned observation date(s). 

What is the procedure for turning in the pre-clinical (goldenrod) observation form?

Forms should be filled out and signed by the teacher, then the EIU instructor. Students should make a copy to keep, then give the original form to the instructor. The instructor should turn the completed observation form into the Office of Student Teaching and Clinical Experiences in the Dean's Office, College of Education & Professional Studies, 1420 Buzzard Hall.


Questions Concerning Academic Professional Waivers

I will earn waivers this semester. Can I use them to take a class this semester?

No. Waivers must be earned before you can use them. 

Can the cooperating teacher waivers be given to another teacher to use?

No. They are not transferable; only the teacher earning the waivers can use them.

Can cooperating teacher and administrative waivers be used at other universities?

No. Only Eastern classes are eligible for tuition waiver usage. Waivers may be used for online classes.

How much are the waivers worth?

Please check your account on the PAWS system. Each waiver is worth one semester hour of graduate, non-contract credit.

When will my waivers be applied to my account?

We process the waivers as we receive them. Before the 15th of each month, we send all the information we have received to date to the Office of Financial Aid. The billing date is the first of each month.

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Dept. of Student Teaching and Clinical Experiences

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