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Resume Quick Tips

Getting Started - How to market your skills to match what the employer wants:

  • Begin by reviewing the job description.
  • Take note of all skills and qualifications you have that match what the employer is seeking.
  • Notice what type of language is used in the job description and within the industry you are applying for—use this language in your resume.
  • Consider within the layout of your resume how you can market the skills and qualifications you have that the employer is seeking.
  • List the most related experiences toward the top of your resume.
  • Choose categories for your experiences that use the industries language.
  • Beware, you should never lie on your resume - if you do not possess the skill set desired by an employer, you should not market something you do not have.

General Tips

  • Limit your resume to one page.
  • Always include your current address, phone number and email address.
  • Do not use a resume template.
  • Remember to always give specific examples of accomplishments, skills and results.
  • Start sentences and phrases with action verbs followed by descriptive words.
  • Communicate your abilities and personal qualities that pertain to the job.
  • Focus on the employers needs, not your own.
  • Be concise, simple and to the point.
  • Eliminate the use of "I".
  • Proofread carefully for typos, spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Make sure verb tense is correct.
  • Use simple/plain fonts (i.e., Times New Roman or Arial)
  • Use traditional bullets (i.e., circle or square). Nothing fancy or decorative.
  • Use traditional fonts sized 10-12.
  • Use 1" margins on all sides.
  • Give it a professional appearance - use resume quality paper, light colors are best.
  • Always send your resume with a cover letter.

Header/Contact Information

  • Use a traditional, centered heading.
  • Don't forget your email address.
  • Add your cell phone number, if desired.
  • Bold and use a slightly bigger font for your name.


  • Make your objective specific and focused on the employer and the specific job.
  • Communicate your career goals and objectives in just 1-2 sentences.
  • Use this area to state that you are "Willing to Relocate".
  • Make sure the content in your resume relates to the objective.

Objective Examples

Seeking a management position utilizing my strong organizational skills, educational background and customer service focus.

To firmly establish myself in a challenging position with a growth-oriented company that will ultimately lead to a position in the field. Willing to Relocate.

To obtain a challenging opportunity in the areas of Fundraising, Customer Service, or Sales.

To obtain an entry-level position in publishing in the areas of promotions, advertising, design, and editing.

A position in data analysis where skills in mathematics, computer programming and deductive reasoning will contribute to new systems development.

A position as a General Sales Representative with a pharmaceutical firm which will use chemistry background and ability to work on a self-directed basis in managing a market territory. Willing to travel and relocate.

  • Start with your most recent degree and go back in time.
  • Bold your degree, not the school attended.
  • Add your graduation date (month & year) even if you have not graduated yet.
  • Add your degree (Bachelor of Science in Business) and Major (Accounting).
  • Add your minor or concentration if desired.
  • GPA is optional. Most employers like to see it and will probably ask at some point. Do not add a GPA if it is lower than 2.8.
  • Do not list your high school.
  • Use reverse-chronological order (most recent jobs first).
  • Include full time, part time, volunteer, military experience, student teaching, graduate assistant positions.
  • Generally, you need only go back approximately 10-15 years of work experience.
  • Identify job title, name of employer, location (city & state) and dates of employment.
  • Include job responsibilities. Use phrases with action verbs and transferable skills.
  • Ask yourself "What did I accomplish in this position?" and "How does that relate to my objective?"
  • Give specific examples of things you accomplished.
  • Research buzz words the company uses to describe their ideal candidate. Think about how your work experience has taught you these skills. Then, use those words in your resume.


  • Add technical skills as well as foreign language and communication skills.
  • Mention only skills with which you are strongly familiar.


  • List professional organizations or clubs closely related to your major or career field.
  • List all organizations in which you had an active duty to show leadership skills.
  • Explain what your duties were in any office you held.
  • Consider adding any volunteer work that may add transferable skills to your resume.

e-Friendly Tips

  • Use 10-12 point font size.
  • Create one-inch margins.
  • Keep resume free of vertical and horizontal lines, graphics, italics and columns.
  • For some downloadable resumes or to copy and paste into applications, you may need to left justify your entire resume. So keep a version of that as well.

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