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EIU Panther Card Office


The Panther Card Office is responsible for the overall production and distribution of the official identification card for Eastern Illinois University. The card office staff adheres to the following guidelines to govern the production and distribution of the Panther Card.

First Panther Card

There's no charge for your very first Panther Card. Your card is good for your entire stay at EIU, even if you sit out a semester or a year. ID validation each year is NOT necessary as status verification is accessed from the University's database system. Students/Staff shall only have one card in possession. Any prior cards cannot be reactivated and must be turned into the Panther Card Office. Any chip money on prior cards will be transferred to the current active card.

How Do I Get my Panther Card?

  • All card applicants must provide one of the following acceptable forms of valid identification:
    • State Issued Drivers License
    • State Issued ID Card
    • U.S. Military ID Card
    • Passport
  • Students must be admitted for the current semester in which they are requesting an ID. Students taking classes on campus will receive a Panther Card with a photo and chip. Online Students and Dual Credit students will receive a Panther Card with no photo or chip.
  • Full-time/part-time Staff and Faculty members are automatically eligible
  • A photo will be taken when obtaining a Panther Card. Photo rules are as follows: NO SUNGLASSES, NO HATS, NO HEAD WEAR OF ANY TYPE, UNLESS IT IS FOR MEDICAL OR RELIGIOUS REASONS

Card Replacement

The following guidelines have been put in place in the event you need to replace your Panther Card ID because it has been lost or stolen, or damaged. If you have any questions, please contact the Campus Card office at 581-4357.

Lost/Stolen Panther Cards

Patrons should contact the Panther Card Office immediately if their card is lost, stolen, or damaged. Although the initial card is free, the replacement fee for lost or stolen cards is $20. Please note: If the photo on file is over one year old, we require a new photo. Since the electronic cash (Panther Cash) on a lost or stolen Panther Card is not recoverable, your card should be treated as cash and kept in a secure place.

In addition, If you are using a meal plan or dining dollars, those departments should also be notified.

Damaged Panther Cards

Damaged Panther Cards are replaced at a reduced fee of $10, provided the damaged card is submitted to the card office staff. Damaged cards are a result of negligence or improper use (ex. carrying the card unprotected in one’s pocket, using the card to scrape a windshield, exposing the card to water, etc.)

If the damaged card's chip is readable, the value will be transferred immediately to the new card. If not, after a two week waiting period, the student will be advised to bring their card to Card Office for a value transfer.

"Preferred Name" Replacement Card

Students who have registered a new preferred name in PAWS and have received an e-mail that the preferred name has been approved can go to the Panther Card Office the following day to purchase a new card. The replacement fee for a new card is $10 charged to your student account; ONLY if the prior card is turned in. If the student has lost the prior card, the fee is $20 charged to the student account, in addition, if you are using meal plans or dining dollars, you must visit the Housing Department to have them placed back onto the new card.

Replacement Fee Waivers

Waiving of replacement card fees will be dependent upon the condition of the student's Panther Card. All waivers are at the discretion of the Director or Assistant Director, Campus Cards. The following circumstances represent typical scenarios that may warrant a waiver:

If a card is defective at no fault of the user, the replacement fee can be waived for the cardholder. The card office staff will objectively review each damaged card to determine whether it is defective or damaged due to negligence.

In the event, that a student’s card is damaged by university personnel (ex. Dining services), that department can request in writing that the student receive no charge for their replacement ID. The general condition of the card will still be taken into consideration.

I've Replaced My Card, What's Next?

  • If you are using a meal plan or dining dollars, go to Dining Services in person, immediately with your new card.
  • On your next visit to the Library, go to the Circulation desk to verify that your new library number has been entered into the Library's system.
  • As for the Rec Center, your new card should be usable there the following day with no additional effort from you.

Damaged Card Replaced?

  • No need to visit Dining Services, the Recreation Center, or the Library. Your actual card number does not change when replacing a damaged card.

Card Agreement

All patrons requesting a Panther Card must complete and sign a Panther Card Agreement Form. Completion of this form constitutes an acknowledgement of the card holders rights and responsibilities with respect to their official University identification card.

University Policies

  1. The Panther Card is the property of the issuer (EIU). Students/Staff shall only have one card in possession. Any prior cards cannot be reactivated and must be turned into the Panther Card Office.
  2. It is to be carried at all times.
  3. It may not be transferred or altered.
  4. Students shall show their identification card when requested to do so by Eastern Illinois University officials performing their duties who identify themselves and state the reason for their request.
  5. Valid Panther Cards may not be held by campus departments for any reason with the exception of the University Police Department and Judicial Affairs Office when requested by officials in performance of their duties who identify themselves and state the reason for their request.
  6. The replacement fee is $20 for lost or stolen cards and $10 for damaged cards. If the card is defective at no fault of the user, the replacement fee may be waived.
  7. Panther Cards should be kept in a secure place at all times. Students should not loan their cards to anyone at any time unless allowed to do so under another EIU policy.
  8. Unauthorized use warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary actions.
  9. Upon permanently leaving the University all employees, excluding student employees, shall turn the Panther Card into the Panther Card Office.

Card Care

Your Panther Card is a valuable asset to you. To avoid replacement fees and the inconvenience of a damaged card, it is important to take appropriate care of your card. The following card care tips will help keep your card in working order:


  • Protect your card in a wallet, but do not place it directly against the plastic viewing window.
  • Avoid getting your card wet. It doesn't do well in the washing machine.
  • Avoid bending your card or sitting on it.
  • Replace your damaged card and never use a damaged card in either the Dining Service or Panther Card equipment.


  • Carry your card "naked", especially in your back pocket. This is the number one ID killer on college campuses across the USA.
  • Punch holes in your card.
  • Place your card near anything that may erase the magnetic stripe (stereo speakers, television, magnet, etc.).
  • Use your card as an ice scraper.
  • Hold your ID in your mouth at anytime. Teeth marks and saliva will damage the card's magnetic stripe and smart chip.
  • Loan your Panther Card to anyone at anytime! Keep it in a safe place at all times just as you would MasterCard or Visa credit cards.

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