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EIU Panther Card Office

Panther Card FAQs


The EIU Campus Card Office adheres to the University’s confidentiality policies. All information pertaining to a cardholder’s card activity is considered confidential and shall be contained to the Campus Card office. The investigative needs of judicial affairs or the campus police are exempt from this policy.


Damaged Card

Do not use a broken or cracked card in the readers at anytime!  Do not, under any circumstances, use tape or glue to self-repair your broken card. Tape and glue will cause the card readers to permanently jam. You will need to have a replacement card made before using your card again at any of our readers including Panther Dining, vending machines and the copiers. If your damaged card causes a repair problem on the Panther Card equipment you may be liable for the costs to repair the unit.


Photo ID

This provision has been implemented for your own protection. With current concerns of identity fraud, the University wishes to protect our students, staff, and faculty members from such an ordeal. Acceptable forms of identification include a valid state drivers license, state identification card, U.S. military ID or passport. These are the ONLY forms of identification that our office will accept.


Cost of Your ID

Your first Panther Card is free. The replacement fee for a lost or stolen card is $20. However, the fee to replace a damaged card is only $10, provided you turn in the damaged card to the Panther Card office. If the card is defective at no fault of the user, the replacement fee may be waived.  Please note: If the photo on file is over one year old, we require a new photo is taken to replace lost, stolen or damaged cards.




Card Purchases

  • Panther Dining uses the magnetic stripe technology found on the back of the card. Your card provides a key to your Dining Dollars and/or Meal Swipes.

Lost Card/Panther Cash

The electronic cash (Panther Cash) is not recoverable, your card should be treated as cash and kept in a secure place.


Replacement Card Payment

All replacement card fees are automatically charged to the cardholder's student billing account.

After charges have posted to the cardholder's account (usually within one business day), payment can be made at the University's Cashier office. No payments are accepted in the Panther Card office.


Report Problems

To report a problem with your Panther Card or debit readers contact the Panther Card Office at 217-581-4357.

Meal plan changes are handled by the Panther Dining Office located in the University Union. Questions and problems related to the meal plan should be directed to Panther Dining.


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