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EIU Business Analytics and Information Systems Program

Career Resources in Business Analytics and Information Systems

Business Analyst
Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business needs and capabilities to find and implement cost effective solutions while communicating constantly with all stakeholders.

Computer System Analyst
Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates the current computer technology needs, deficiencies, opportunities; provides customer solutions and implements computer systems improvements.

Cyber-security Analyst
Identifies cyber security vulnerabilities, implements security measures to protect computer networks and information, responds to cyber-security breaches.

Data Analyst
Designs data collection, processes and interprets data, develops statistical models to support various company goals.

Database Analyst
Designs, coordinates, and administers enterprise databases. Establishes policies and procedures to assure consistent data models. Helps import and export data across multiple platforms.

IT Consultant
Understands and interprets client IT needs and requirements, offers solutions, implements IT projects.

Mobile App Developer
Develops applications for mobile platforms, tests end user software, provides and maintains software code for clients.

Network Administrator
Creates and administers network design, implementation and maintenance including servers, hubs, and routers. Monitors networks for performance and workloads.

Network Analyst
Assesses needs of network users. Analyzes, designs, and documents network configurations. Troubleshoots and solves network problems.

Project Manager
Plans and coordinates information systems projects. Leads and manages technical teams. Writes project plans and system documentation. Evaluates project results.

Programmer Analyst
Leads, plans, coordinates, and provides technical and strategic leadership to support district information technology projects. Oversees testing applications and makes modifications as necessary. Coordinates user training. Work includes project management, systems analysis, applications programming, and designing and documenting procedures.

Supply Chain Analyst
Collects and analyzes data in order to make improvements to the supply chain system.

System Analyst
Studies the problems and needs of an organization in order to determine how people, methods, and information technologies can best be combined to bring improvements to the organization.

Web Designer and Developer
Designs, develops, and maintains web sites and services, including internet, intranet and e-business applications. Includes graphic design ability and the ability to incorporate emerging technologies into web design.

Web Master
Responsible for the operation and support of web interface applications and systems, which may include enterprise-wide applications. Often approves web content and consistency across the organization.

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