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EIU Office of Accessibility and Accommodations

Testing Accommodation Center

The Testing Accommodation Center (TAC) housed in Testing and Evaluation Operations accepts faculty requests to proctor tests, quizzes and exams for students with test accommodations. If a student in your class has talked to you about a testing accommodation and given you a letter from our office, you may want to ask us to proctor exams and provide testing accommodations. You may continue to do this yourself as well.

Location: McAfee 1341
Phone: 217-581-6696

Test request procedure:

  1. Instructor submits test request through the online submission form.
    1. Tests may be scheduled within the following times (Hours subject to change): Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.
    2. The test request must be received by TAC 48 business hours’ in advance to schedule the exam.
    3. The exam document must be uploaded/delivered no later than 8 am the day before the student’s scheduled alternate exam time.
    4. When the above notice is given, the student will be offered the same date/time as the classroom exam to take the test. If the student is not able to schedule on that day/time, TAC will ask the student for their class schedule to show that they have class conflicts. If a class conflict is shown, the test will be scheduled the following day. If the student is not able to schedule on one of those days, TAC will contact the faculty member for further instruction.
    5. If the faculty member does not want the test scheduled during the classroom exam, please email us.
  2. TAC contacts the student to schedule exam date and time.
  3. Instructor is notified by email of the date and time the student will be testing, as well as the status (completed, rescheduled, canceled).
  4. Student takes exam.
  5. Exam is returned following directions given to us by instructor. Return options are as follows:
    1. Scantrons: TAC will hand deliver the alternate exam scantron to the Office of Testing and Evaluation unless otherwise requested by the instructor. OTE will hold your class scantrons until the alternate exam is completed and combine it with the rest of the class before it is graded.
    2. Instructor Pickup Only: Pickup in McAfee 2230 or 1341
    3. Instructor Designee (No Undergraduates)
    4. Scanned and emailed to instructor. Original returned via campus mail in sealed envelope: Please note that pencil does not always scan well and may not be readable. Campus mail takes 2-3 business days.
    5. Scanned and emailed to instructor. Original to be picked up by instructor/staff only (please note that pencil does not always scan well and may not be readable). Pickup in McAfee 2230 or 1341.
    6. Returned via campus mail in sealed envelope: Campus mail takes 2-3 business days.


My student is not showing up in my class list. Check to see that you have chosen the correct course AND section number. If they still don’t show up, please email us.

What are my options for delivering the exam? Exam documents can be uploaded electronically or delivered in person. If the student requires a test reader, the document must be a PDF or Word document.

I have multiple students. Can I just send the exam once? If you are scheduling multiple students for the same class, please upload the exam document with each student. We have limited staff for TAC and this is how we ensure that the correct test is provided to the correct student.

My document won’t upload, help! If you have difficulty uploading a document, please call or email us and we’ll work with you to get the document to us.

Can I upload more than one file for the exam documents? Currently our system only allows one file upload. Please email us any additional files. 


Image of the Testing Accommodation Center lab showing testing stations. 

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Accessibility and Accommodations

McAfee Gym, Room 1272
Fax: 217-581-7208


Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. & 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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