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Traditions of the Panther Marching Band

Traditions are a part of any successful organization. Some traditions have a rich history while others are new and vibrant. There are four traditional EIU songs that every PMB member learns to sing and play. The four songs; I’m So Glad, Hot Time, Alma Mater, and the Eastern State March (Fight song) become memorized by band camp’s end. Eastern State March has been an audience favorite since 1949, and was composed by former Music Department Chair Dr. Earl Boyd. In 2012, Panther Nation was introduced to the "Panther War Chant," which instantly became a staple for EIU students, administration, and the community. Also, following each practice and performance, the Panther Marching Band "circle-up" and perform the EIU Alma Mater, which strengthens our commitment to each other as individuals and bonds our group as a true musical family.


Clock Tower

During Pre-Season Camp each year, the Panther Marching Band encircles the Clock Tower for a time of team building and community. Every hour, the Clock Tower plays the Alma Mater, echoing the song over the entire campus.


Booth Library and the "Spirit Walk"

One hour before each home football game, the Panther Marching Band stands on the steps of Booth Library and performs for their fans. After performing both traditional music and selections for the halftime show, PMB leads the EIU Cheerleaders, Pink Panthers, and EIU fans to O'Brien Stadium in the "Spirit Walk." Just be careful where you stand! The low brass likes to change sides!

Booth Library

Spirit Walk


Alma Mater

For us arose thy walls and towers;             

Their beauty, strength, and grace are ours.

The hills and prairies at thy feet

For us in lovely landscape meet.

So must our hearts remember thee,

So may our lives our tribute be;

Strong, true, and beautiful and brave and free,

So shall our hearts, our hearts, remember thee.


Eastern State March

We are loyal EIU/we’re loyal and true-

Though the odds be great or small

We’ll still be cheering you (rah! rah!)

So fight you Panthers for the glory of our dear name

Fight on for Eastern, come on Panthers let’s win this game!


I'm So Glad

I’m so glad/I go to EIU (3x)

Singin’ “Glory Hallelujah”!

I go to EIU!

Hot Time

Late one night

When we were all in bed

Old Mother Leary

Left a lantern in the shed

And when the cow kicked it over,

She winked her eye and said,

"There’ll be a hot time

In the old town, tonight."


Panther War Chant

You don't wanna go to war

With the Panthers

Don't start no stuff there'll be no stuff.