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The Human Performance Laboratory was established by Dr. M. T. Woodall in 1966 to support students and faculty in their teaching, learning and research endeavors in exercise science.

The space is divided into areas for the assessment of cardiopulmonary and metabolic function, body composition, physical fitness and neuromuscular function. There is also a reference area available for graduate students and a quiet testing area for sport and exercise psychology.


Equipment available for use in the Human Performance Lab includes: SensorMedics 2900 Metabolic Measurement Cart, Case 8000 12-lead ECG system, Quinton Treadmill, computer controlled bicycle ergometer, isokinetic arm crank ergometer, lactate analyzer, Tri-Fit™ fitness assessment system, heart rate monitors, spirometer, Nonin pulse oximeter, BodPod™ whole body plethysmograph, bioelectric impedance analyzers, skinfold calipers, Biodex isokinetic multi-joint dynamometer, force plate, jump mat, electromyography, vibration plate and handgrip dynamometers.

Research Projects

Recently completed research projects

  • Evaluation of commercially available abdominal muscle exercise equipment.
  • Balance training in the elderly using the Wii Fit™.
  • Ratings of perceived exertion and exercise test stage duration.
  • The effects on performance of incorporating a six-minute Shake Weight routine in the warm-up sessions of Division I collegiate athletes.

Research projects in progress

  • Fundamental movement skill assessment
  • A comparison of Military circumference equations for the estimate of body composition with whole body plethysmography