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Greetings from the Director

Welcome to a virtual version of the Office of Student Standards.  Our staff strives to not only address concerning campus behaviors, but to provide you with information that will assist you through the process as well.  Whether you are a student interacting with our office, a parent of a student, a faculty member with a classroom concern, or a campus community member interested in conduct statistics, we hope you find something on our website that will help you. 

Formerly Judicial Affairs, the Office of Student Standards has been recognized as a leader in addressing college student behaviors.  In addition to continuing to address new behaviors, we strive to utilize sanctioning that will help both the student and the community.  Our future efforts will continue to focus on new and innovative sanctioning, as well as infusing technology into our efforts. 

I invite you to visit our website often, as we will be adding many more features.  If there is ever a question we can answer, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Dr. Heather K. Webb

Director & Deputy Title IX Coordinator


Mission Statement

The Office of Student Standards at Eastern Illinois University is a division of Student Affairs. Students enrolled in the University are held to the standards of behavior contained in the Student Conduct Code, which exemplify personal integrity and ethical behavior and which advance the mission of the University, its traditions and values. Certain situations occurring off-campus and academic integrity violations are within the purview of the Code. 


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 Readmission Request

If you were asked to leave Eastern Illinois University due to a disciplinary issue, you will need to request readmission. Please use the button below.


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EIU Safety Videos

Take the time to watch the videos below, as a reminder of good safety habits to practice as a student here at EIU.