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Alert EIU

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I register for Alert EIU?

Registration (enrollment) for AlertEIU is accomplished through an enrollment notification to your campus email account providing a link to the AlertEIU member portal. Every active student, faculty and staff member at EIU automatically receives AlertEIU notices to their campus email account. Enrollment into AlertEIU is encouraged in order to provide cellular telephone number(s) and or an alternate email account for notifications. Enrollment notification emails are sent out periodically to any members who are not yet registered. Once enrolled you may access the AlertEIU member portal for any changes at the link below.

Click here to access AlertEIU Member Portal.

What is Alert EIU?

Alert EIU is a text-messaging system that alerts subscribers, via their cell phones, to emergency situations and (if needed) advises them to take action. The messages are short -- no longer than 160 characters. Messages will focus on possible threats on EIU’s main campus.

Alert EIU is one part of Eastern Illinois University's Campus Emergency Notification System (ENS). With the addition of Alert EIU, the institution has five means of communication with which to notify the campus community in event of an emergency situation.

In addition to Alert EIU, students, faculty and staff should be aware of these methods of communication:

  • A siren/public address system will sound a pulse tone, followed by a public address message, if needed. The pulse tone notifies all students, faculty and staff to check their EIU-assigned e-mail and/or Eastern's website for important information.
  • An e-mail message to all students, faculty and staff will provide information about the emergency.
  • A "phone tree" will help notify key individuals in departments/programs on campus; they, in turn, will post this emergency information in accessible locations (where possible) for general public awareness.
  • Information will be available via WEIU Radio (88.9 FM)/TV (Channel 51/Mediacom Cable 6).

Please Note: The campus emergency siren/public address system is tested on the first Tuesday of every month first at 10 a.m. by the Coles County Emergency Services severe weather service and again at 10:30 a.m. by the AlertEIU system.

Who can sign up for Alert EIU text messages?

All active students, faculty and staff of EIU are automatically members of AlertEIU and receive all notifications via their EIU campus email account automatically. Enrollment into the member portal provides the ability to supply current cell number(s) and or an alternate email address for notifications.

How soon will one have the capability to receive emergency messages after registering?

As soon as a cell number is entered into the system through the member portal, new notifications will begin to be received at that number. Notifications are sent to EIU campus email accounts automatically regardless of enrollment status.

Are there any costs involved for those who register for Alert EIU?

For those who do not have text-messaging contracts as part of their cellular service, there may be a small charge for any text messages that they receive. Individuals should check with their cell phone carriers to determine what those costs may be.

Why should one register?

Eastern Illinois University's Emergency Notification System uses a number of methods of communication to notify its students, faculty and staff of an emergency. Collectively, these different tools (including outdoor warning sirens, e-mail, the EIU website and campus media) help ensure that important information is disseminated as quickly as possible.

Will the system be used for commercial purposes?

NO. The Alert EIU text-messaging system will only be used for notification of emergencies requiring immediate action.

How does one unsubscribe if he/she no longer wishes to receive emergency text messages?

Simply login to the AlertEIU member portal and remove any cell numbers listed there. You will continue to receive notifications to your campus email account.

Will Eastern periodically test the system?

A test message will be sent near the beginning of each fall and spring semester to ensure the system is working properly.

If one chooses not to register for Alert EIU, will he/she still receive emergency alerts via an EIU-assigned e-mail address?

Yes, all active students, faculty and staff will receive any AlertEIU notices through their campus email account.

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