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Note: If the incident requires no medical action please use the incident only procedures. 

If Treatment is Necessary:
  • Receive notice from employee of a work-related injury or illness.
  • Make sure the employee is aware of his/her responsibility to call the Tristar hotline (855) 495-1554 IMMEDIATELY after the injury/illness has occurred. If employee is unable to place the call, the supervisor may call.
  • Employee has received and completed the appropriate workers’ compensation forms available online.
  • Complete the following forms upon notification of injury:
  • Forward all completed forms (including employee and witness reports) to the workers' compensation coordinator, Room 2010, Old Main.
  • If injury/illness involves days away from work or restricted work activity, contact the workers’ compensation coordinator IMMEDIATELY at 217-581-7835.
  • Have employee maintain contact with the work site (supervisor and workers’ compensation coordinator) regarding return to work issues, submission of documentation to validate work absence and/or work capacity changes.

Contact the workers’ compensation coordinator at 217-581-7835 if you have any questions.

Pursuant to Public Act 97-895, the administration of the State Employee Workers' Compensation Program is being transitioned to a third party administrator. A competitive procurement was conducted and an administrator, Tristar Risk Enterprise Management Inc., was selected. Tristar is an experienced third party administrator that provides claims administration services to corporate and governmental entities across the United States.

Effective March 16, 2013, there is a new phone number for reporting all new reports of injury that may result in a workers' compensation claim. It is:



Existing claims will be transitioned to Tristar in the coming months. Each employee who has a claim currently pending will receive an individual letter sometime in the next few months with information regarding their new claim contact.   If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the workers' compensation coordinator at your location.

Workers' Compensation Coordinator at EIU:
Paula Embry, WCC
Human Resources
2010 Old Main
Eastern Illinois University

Office: 217-581-7835
Fax: 217-581-3614