Council on Faculty Research

Council on Faculty Research
2014-2015 Council on Faculty Research Members and the College Represented
FY2014 Council on Faculty Research Award Recipients and Projects
2014 Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards and Projects
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Internal Grant Competitions

Council on Faculty Research Fall Competition funds projects for research and creative activity.  Funds are available for commodities, contractual services, equipment, travel, and student help related to the project.  No personal services dollars are available.  The proposal deadline for this fall's competition is September 9, 2015 - 12:00 Noon.  If you have any questions, please call the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 581-2125 or email Mary Mattingly.  Click here to obtain a copy of the application materials. 

Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards provide personal services dollars for research and creative activity projects.  The proposal deadline for the summer 2016 competition will be around the first week of February 2016.  Watch for the official announcement in future issues of the University Newsletter and on this website.

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2014-2015 Council on Faculty Research Members and the College Represented

College of Arts and Humanities
David Richardson Art
Nora Pat Small History

College of Business and Applied Sciences
Marko Grünhagen, Chair School of Business
Melanie Burns School of Family and Consumer Sciences

College of Education and Professional Studies
Rebecca Cook Special Education
Jennifer Stringfellow Special Education

College of Sciences
Ronan Bernas Psychology
Robert Colombo Biological Sciences


Library Services
Steve Brantley Booth Library



Robert Augustine Ex-Officio
Robert Chesnut Ex-Officio
Mary Mattingly Recorder
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2014-2015 Council on Faculty Research Award Recipients and Projects

John Bickford Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle-Level, Education Elementary and Middle Level Students' Historical Thinking
Craig Chesner Geology/Geography Geologic Mapping of Samosir Island: Insights into the Recent History of the Toba Caldera, Sumatra, Indonesia
Jill Deppe Biological Sciences Evaluating stopover site quality for migratory songbirds in the Gulf of Mexico: Conservation and management priorities
Lania Knight English Writing Speculative Fiction: Remnant, a novel
Michael Menze Biological Sciences The Brain on Aging – Role of CISD1
Stephen Mullin Biological Sciences Manipulative moms: Examining the relationships between environmental variables and offspring traits in a live-bearing snake species
Britto Nathan Biological Sciences Molecular Studies of a Brain-Selective Estrogen to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Gopal Periyannan Chemistry Bacterial Transformation of Bio-Oil: A Source of Carbon Compounds for Renewable Energy and Material Production
Ruben Quesada English Poetry Writing: Elegies
Isaac Slaven School of Technology Employing observed photodegradation in ink pigments as a safety indicator in synthetic life safety equipment
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2015 Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards and Projects

John Bickford Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle-Level, Education The Historical (Mis)Representation of War within Children's and Young Adult Literature
Julie Campbell English "Humanism, Translation, and Transnational Histories"
Gary Canivez Psychology Structural Validity of the WISC-V: Confirmatory Factor Analytic Analyses Comparing Bifactor and Higher-Order Models
Jill Deppe Biological Sciences Quantifying broad-scale songbird migration patterns in the Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba to identify conservation priorities in the Gulf of Mexico.
Crystal Duncan Lane Family and Consumer Sciences "We Are the Dying:"  Differential Experiences of Women with Stage IV Breast Cancer
Tim Engles English "'Not quite his own master': Richard Wright's Savage Holiday" [book chapter]
Hongshan He Chemistry A Near-infrared Dye for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
Ryan Hendrickson Political Science Congress and ISIS: The Constitutionality of President Obama's New War
Kai Hung Biological Sciences Using DNA Fingerprinting to Analyze Genetic Variations in Escherichia coli Samples
Lyndsay Jenkins Psychology Measurement of the Bystander Intervention Model in Middle School
Barry Kronenfeld Geology/Geography User-Friendly Software for Manual Cartogram Construction - Application Narrative
Chris Laingen Geology/Geography The Corn Belt's Quiet Transformation
Jeannie Ludlow English/Women's Studies Undue Burdens and Personal Responsibility:  Literary Pregnancy and Abortion in the Post-Choice Decade in the United States
Scott Meiners Biological Sciences Evaluation of stress tolerance in chestnut and hazelnut varieties
Michael Menze Biological Sciences Can we predict the spread of the gypsy moth by understanding thermal performance of this invasive forest pest?
Britto Nathan Biological Sciences Loss of Smell in Women an Early Sign of Alzheimer's' Disease
Gopal Periyannan Chemistry Glutamate Carboxypeptidase II from Caenorhabditis elegans:  an Efficient Model to Study Human Folic Acid Metabolism and Stroke Development
Radu Semeniuc Chemistry Inspired by nature, designed for CENCERE: An amphiphilic ligand for methane hydroxylation
Charles Wharram English Broadview Edition of Goethe's The Sorrows of Werther
Christopher Wixson English Bernard Shaw, Mass Marketing, and Proprietary Cures

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