Council on Faculty Research

Council on Faculty Research
2016-2017 Council on Faculty Research Members and the College Represented
FY2016 Council on Faculty Research Award Recipients and Projects
2017 Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards and Projects
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Internal Grant Competitions

Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards provide personal services dollars for research and creative activity projects.  The proposal deadline for the summer 2018 competition is February 7, 2018 at noon.  Application materials are available on our Forms page.


Council on Faculty Research Fall Competition funds projects for research and creative activity.  Funds are available for commodities, contractual services, equipment, travel, and student help related to the project.  No personal services dollars are available. 


The Fall competition has been placed on hold until further notice.


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2017-2018 Council on Faculty Research Members and the Colleges Represented

College of Arts and Humanities
Matthew Boonstra Art
Newton Key History

College of Business and Applied Sciences
Simon Lee School of Business
Toqeer Israr School of Technology

College of Education and Professional Studies
Kathryn Havercroft Special Education
Jeanne Okrasinski EC/ELE/MLE

College of Sciences
Ronan Bernas Psychology
A. Desire Adom Economics


Library Services
Steve Brantley Booth Library



Ryan Hendrickson Ex-Officio
Robert Chesnut Ex-Officio
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2015-2016 Council on Faculty Research Award Recipients and Projects

Thomas Canam/Yordan Yordanov Biological Sciences The transciptome response of white-rot fungi to energy grasses
Craig Chesner Geology/Geography New Discoveries on Samosir Island:  A follow-up to a Summer of Geologic Mapping at Toba
Claudia Janssen Danyi Communication Studies Communication managers' experiences in organizational crises:  Navigating tensions between individual and organizational interests and concerns
Lyndsay Jenkins/ Nichole Mulvey Psychology/Communication Disorders & Sciences Social and Language Predictors of Preschool Bullying Roles
Mary Konkle Chemistry Characterization of TZD Drugs Binding to Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1
Britto Nathan Biological Sciences How Does an Ancient Herb Cure Alzheimer's Disease?
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2017 Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards and Projects

Abou-Zaid, Ahmed Economics Estimation of Cost Efficiency of Illinois Public Universities
Adom, Assande' Economics Does the sharing economy hurt the traditional economy? Evidence in the hospitality industry from developed and developing countries.
Anderson, Rick / Wiles, Peter Mathematics & Computer Science Impact of a discussion-based instructional strategy on the development of children's geometric thinking
Bickford, John Early Childhood, Elementary, & Middle Level Education Examining Abraham Lincoln's Historical Representation with Trade Books for Children and Young Adults
Canam, Thomas Biological Sciences Development of a Software Platform for Transcriptome Analysis
Canivez, Gary Political Science Structural Validity of the WISc-VUK: Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analytic Analyses of Standardization Sample
Cromwell, Anna Music Chamber Music by Women Composers
Dao, Minh Economics Determinants of the Relative Importance of Education in Low-Income and Lower Middle-Income Countries
Eckert, Stefan Music Joseph Riepel's Symphonies
Fritz, Ann Biological Sciences Testing kin selection theory in yellowjacket colonies with more than one queen
Ghent, Linda Economics Examining the Washington State Referendum Allowing Sales of Recreational Marijuana
Nardi, Daniele Psychology Aging and the perception of slanted floors
Nathan, Britto Biological Sciences Could an Ancient Herb Cure Alzheimer's Disease by Increasing Energy Production in the Brain?
Periyannan, Gopal Chemistry Lipid Nanodiscs: A Versalite Molecular Tool to Study Lipid-Protein Interactions that Modulate Glutamate Carboxypeptidase II (GCPII) Functions
Riley, James Geology/Geography Suspended sediment transport and hillslope erosion at a Midwest kettle lake
Ryan, Jamie Music Study of Music and Folklore through Patakines, Afro-Cuban Religious Stories
Semeniuc, Radu Chemistry Anomalous Copper Complexes: Unraveling a "Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde" behavior of the same complex in different solvent
Vietto, Angela English How Founding Fathers and Freed Slaves Used Family History to Imagine American Identity: Genealogy, Race and the Democratic Individual
Wharam, Charles English Chapter for Volume at Rutgers University Press on Smallpox Inoculation
Wixson, Christopher English Bernard Shaw and the Evolution of Testimonial Advertising

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